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Apple’s Holiday Return Policy: Know the Rules

Apple's Holiday Return Policy: Know the Rules

If you have just received a gift during the holidays that was an Apple product, you always have the option of returning it. Sometimes, you accidentally get a blue iPhone case instead of a red one, or a bag for an 11-inch MacBook Air instead of a 15-inch MacBook Pro, or an iPad mini instead of an iPad Air. No matter what the situation, it’s generally simple to be able to return or exchange the wrong gifts and make sure you end up with the right one you want.


Know the rules

The regular Apple rules are that the company offers a 14-day return policy on any item sold. For the holidays, the company has expanded the return policy time frame: If an item was purchased between November 1 and December 25, you have until January 8 to return or exchange it.

There’s no fee to return a hardware gift, even if it’s been opened, but Apple does ask that you include all cords, adapters, manuals, and the like in the original packaging.

There are a few things you can’t return, including opened software, electronic software downloads from the App Store, Apple Store gift cards, Apple Developer products, and print products (cards, calendars, and books made with iPhoto).



How to return or exchange your gift at the Apple Store

To return or exchange an Apple Store gift, just bring it to any Apple Store and chat with an Apple Specialist. If you’re returning the gift, not the recipient, you can get the balance refunded directly to your card. If your family member or friend is returning the gift, they can either get an Apple Store gift card for the amount of the item or exchange it for another product within the store.


How to return or exchange your gift via the store

If you or your recipient live too far away from an Apple retail store, they can return the item via To do so, visit and click on the Account tab > Return Items > Gift Return.

You’ll need to enter either the product’s serial number or the order number and UPC, followed by your contact info. Apple will then send you info on how to return your item; once the company receives your return, they’ll email you a refund in the form of an Apple Gift Card.

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