How To Attach a Remote to a Specific TV

In a world increasingly dominated by touch-free technology, there seems to be a trend towards centralizing control as much as possible. Maybe the endgame is to have everything around us governed by a universal global control module. Until that day comes, however, we’re stuck with good old remote controls for our TV viewing needs.

It shouldn’t be difficult to attach, or pair, a remote to your TV, but it will depend on several factors. If you’re dealing with an old-school universal remote, the process is a little different from the newer models of smart TVs. In this article, we’ll go over the steps to pair up a few different brands of universal remotes with your TV.

Logitech Harmony

In terms of raw power, this remote offers as much as you’ll ever need. Logitech’s Harmony remote is an all-in-one package for home theater systems. Just about anything related to using your TV, including the cable box and sound system, can be controlled from this remote.

How to Attach Remote to Specific TV

To program the Harmony, you can use a piece of software on your computer which you can download from the Logitech website. The remote has a USB port, by which it can be connected to your computer. Once you download the software, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

You will be asked to select all the devices you use it for, so fill in the make and model of your TV, cable box, etc. After the initial setup, you can decide how you want all the paired devices to work together when you use the remote.

This remote has a very useful feature that makes it stand out. All the settings you put in will be saved on Logitech’s servers. If you ever replace or upgrade your Harmony remote, you can just load it with the same settings and be ready to go, right out of the box.

VIZIO Universal Remote

VIZIO manufactures remotes that can pair up with a variety of different brands of TV. If you own a VIZIO TV, and you don’t need the remote to do much more than to control it, it’s best to go with their proprietary remote.

The VIZIO remote can control most of the functions common to smart TVs, so it shouldn’t be a problem to use it with other brands. When you unpack your remote and you’re ready to pair, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device you want to pair with the remote.
  2. Find the TV button on the remote and keep it pressed for about 5 seconds, or until the light flashes twice and then stay on.
  3. Now you need the programming code for the TV you’re pairing. You can find your code on this list. Enter the code as it is listed and the light should flash twice.
  4. Try the remote on your TV.

If the remote doesn’t work, try repeating the process again. Some TV brands have several codes associated with them, so you may have to go through all the possible codes until you find yours. There’s a small possibility that your brand of TV is not supported, so again, this is the perfect choice for VIZIO TVs which will certainly be compatible.

Specific TVs and Unsynced Remotes

Some remotes just won’t work on every TV. A non-universal Sony remote can’t control a Samsung TV, ever. Consequently, it’s better to be safe and replace your remote with a certified replacement part from the TV’s manufacturer. This is if you’re in the market for another remote because you lost the old one. If you have a remote that just stopped working, there’s something you should try first.

Attach Remote to a Specific TV

Remotes shipped with TVs will always be paired to the TV that they are sent with, so there shouldn’t be a need to sync out of the box. But if your remote suddenly stops working as intended, it’s possible and likely that it has unsynced with your TV. Pairing it back up should be easy, but you will have to visit your manufacturer’s website. If you have problems, try removing the remote’s batteries for a minute to reset it. If this fails, consult your manufacturer for steps on resyncing it with your TV.

A Match Made in Heaven

Your best bet for a lost or broken remote is to replace it with an original part from the manufacturer. If you’re looking for a better way to tie together your viewing experience, a universal remote will come in handy. There are many good universal remotes on the market, so take a look at your options, but keep in mind that Logitech’s Harmony is the gold standard.

It seems that people replace remotes much more frequently than one might think. How often have you had to replace a remote due to loss or damage?

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