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Posted by TekRevue Staff on December 18, 2018
macx mediatrans giveaway

Your iPhone is full of irreplaceable data, from precious photos, unique music playlists, brilliant videos or movies, business contacts, emails and documents to laboriously downloaded apps, games and so on. Assuming you don’t back up your iPhone, you could lose it all if your phone is broken, stolen, lost, or even bricked by a malfunction during one of Apple’s regular iOS updates.

iTunes is absolutely the default, but perhaps not the best, method for iPhone backups. It’s free to use, but not always user-friendly. And it can only back up the entire contents of an iPhone or nothing at all. There’s also the fact that iTunes has been criticized for being susceptible to too many errors throughout the whole backup process, such as when iTunes won’t recognize your iPhone, your iPhone won’t sync with iTunes, you find that iPhone files are missing after syncing, or when you see the common error that the “iTunes backup could not be completed.” So if you’re tired of iTunes, why not check out the best iTunes alternative: MacX MediaTrans, a great utility that lets you transfer and backup videos, music, photos and more between your iPhone, iPad, and computer without the need of iTunes.

Why is MacX MediaTrans the Best iTunes Alternative?

MacX MediaTrans offers a range of advantages over iTunes. The biggest advantage is perhaps the ability to perform selective backups. That is to say, you are able to individually back up and restore iPhone photos, music, videos, ringtone, e-books, and other files. And unlike iTunes, which always erases the raw data after syncing, MacX allows two-way sync between iOS and macOS without erasing any data.

mediatrans interface

In addition, the iTunes alternative for Mac supports and converts a wide range of formats, enabling you, for example, to transfer videos in MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV and more in addition to the regular media formats that are accepted by iTunes. The converts incompatible videos to Apple-friendly MP4 and MOV formats, backs up HEIC photos to JPG, and transfers high quality FLAC, WMA, and MP3 files. It also offers fastest file transfer speed, powerful music management both for iTunes purchased or non-purchased songs, iPhone ringtone creation, and the ability to encrypt iPhone and Mac files. 

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday, MacXDVD is offering 3 different but enchanting opportunities for its Christmas giveaway: readers can pick up a completely free giveaway version of MacX MediaTrans; they can play casino games to win a 50%-70% off coupon for MacXDVD’s star products and Christmas gift pack; and they share the holiday event with friends for a chance to win an iPhone XR, Apple Watch, and accessories! Just grab your opportunity to get triple surprises from Santa before the holiday event ends on January 10, 2019.

How to Get MacX MediaTrans for Free and Win iPhone XR

Step 1: Visit the MacXDVD Christmas Giveaway page and submit your email address in the MacX MediaTrans giveaway section.

Step 2: You’ll receive an email containing a download link and your license key for MacX MediaTrans. Install it the app and then activate it with your license key.

Step 3: Go to the Share to Win iPhone XR section to enter your email address and share the sweepstakes via Facebook or Twitter to get 3 more entries, subscribe to the MacXDVD YouTube channel to earn an additional 3 entries, and follow MacXDVD on Facebook or Twitter to win one more entry apiece.

Step 4: Wait for the final drawings on December 25, 2018 and January 10, 2019.

To show how easy MacX MeidaTrans is to use, let’s walk through the simple steps for backing up an iPhone to a Mac and then restoring a previous iPhone backup from a Mac/PC to an iPhone.

How to Backup Your iPhone Photos, Music, Videos with MacX MediaTrans

backup photos mediatrans

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC using a USB cable. Then Tap “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone.

Step 2: Depending on what kinds of files you’d like to back up, choose the corresponding icon in the main interface. Take photos as an example: click “Photo Transfer” to load all of your photos on your iPhone. (The following steps go the same if you chose “Music Manager” or “Video”).

Step 3: Select the photos you’d like to back up, or tick the box of “Select All” to make a complete backup of the current category.

Step 4: Click the “Export” button on the top of the panel, and wait for the file to be generated. As little as 8 seconds are needed to transfer 100 4K images.

How to Restore Your Previous iPhone Backups from Mac/PC to iPhone

When it comes to restoring your previously backed up photos, music, and videos from a computer to an iPhone, MacX MediaTrans also behaves well and avoids those bothersome iTunes errors.

restore photos mediatrans

Step 1: Once again connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC, and choose the corresponding icon according to your file type. Also click on the “Photo Transfer” icon.

Step 2: Create a new photo album by clicking the “+” button on the left column. Click the “Add Photo” button to select photos you’ve previously backed up on your computer hard drive. Then click the “Open” button.

Step 3: Press the “Sync” button to restore your selected photos to your iPhone and then verify the transfer.

Besides basic iPhone data backup and restoration, if you’d like to take full advantages of MacX MediaTrans, the following tips can help a lot.

  • If you’ve shot HEIC photos on your iPhone, you can choose “Export HEIC to JPG” from the drop-down list of the inverted triangle next to “Export” to convert them to JPG format for better compatibility on photo editors and non-Apple devices.
  • When you import videos other than MP4 or the MOV format from the computer to your iPhone, they will be tagged with Unsupported format. You can click the “Convert” button to convert them to MP4 or MOV manually or simply click the “Sync” button to convert the videos to iPhone-supported formats automatically.
  • Unlike iTunes, which only allows you to sync music files purchased from iTunes store, MacX MediaTrans supports the transfer of any music on your iPhone to your Mac/PC, regardless of whether they were downloaded, ripped from CDs, or obtained via any other source. Still, the app supports the automatic conversion of audio to MP3 if you want, and it lets you manage music files with ease, edit/create playlists, and manage albums all without iTunes limits.
  • With MacX MediaTrans, you’ll never need to purchase ringtones from iTunes Store since it enables you to create ringtones from your own favorite songs. All you need to do is go to “Music Manager” > “Make Ringtone” to trim your favorite song down to a 40-second clip. You can then find it in “Voice & Ringtone” panel and click “Sync” to make it valid on your iPhone.
  • The unique Flash Drive function also lets you use your iPhone as a large USB drive, allowing you to secretly save any type of files, including DOC, XLS, DMG, apps, iBooks, and more.

Now that you know MacX MediaTrans is far better than iTunes for backing up iPhone photos, music, videos and more, what are you waiting for? Just visit MacXDVD’s Christmas giveaway page to get a free copy of MacX MediaTrans and enter for a chance to win an iPhone XR if you’re lucky!

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