Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 PC

Some Android apps would be a great addition to Windows 10, wouldn’t they? Consequently, there are now a variety of Android emulators for Windows. These are software packages that enable you to run Android apps and games in Windows 10. These are a few of the best Android emulators you can add to your desktop or laptop.

The BlueStacks Emulator

BlueStacks was the first Android emulator for the Windows platform. So now it’s the best established Android emulator with a user base its website boasts eclipses 150 million. Open this page on the BlueStacks site to save its setup to Windows and install the software. There’s also an Enterprise version of the software that has faster gameplay and premium support. 

BlueStacks is primarily touted as an Android gaming emulator. It’s certainly one of the best emulators when it comes to games. Its overall catalog amounts to 1.5 million Android games and a further 500,000 Flash and HTML game titles. In addition, you can also run productivity apps with it; but BlueStacks is primarily geared for gaming.

In addition, BlueStacks enables you to synchronize the software with your Android device. As such, you can to transfer apps directly from your tablet to Windows desktop. Another good thing about the BlueStacks emulator is its integration with Twitch API that enables you to stream mobile games. Note that 8GB of RAM is a minimum system requirement for Twitch streaming.

The Andy Emulator

Andy (or Andyroid) is another of the best Android emulators for Windows 10. Unlike BlueStacks, Andy effectively emulates the Android UI. Thus, its UI is much the same as the Android OS running in windows 10.

Press the Download button on the Andy home page to save its setup. Then open its setup file to add the software to Windows. Note that you also need to install the VMwarePlayer for Andy to run. Its installer is in the Andy folder’s VMW subfolder. Then you should be able to open the emulator’s window as in the snapshot below.


The full Android UI is undoubtedly the best thing about this emulator. You can open many of the default built-in apps that come included with Android, sideload apps and use widgets. Furthermore, it even offers full touchscreen support to further replicate the Android.

You can pretty much run any game or productivity Android app within Andy. That includes Android launcher apps that enable you to further customize the Andy UI. Consequently, you can customize the wallpaper, widgets and icon packs much the same as any Android device.


Andy also has a more novel remote control app for Android devices. With that you can navigate the Andy UI with your phone or tablet as a remote control. You can add the Andy Remote Control app to your tablet or mobile from this page.

Overall, Andy generally has more extensive options and greater third-party hardware integration than BlueStacks. However, it also has higher system requirements as you’ll need at least 3GB RAM and 10 GB free disk storage. Your GPU must also have OpenGL 2.1 support. Consequently, it might not run so well on lower specification laptops and desktops.

The Droid4x Emulator

Droid4x is the new Android emulator on the block that is rapidly growing. Click the Download simulator button on the software’s home page to save the installer. Note it could take 10 – 15 minutes for the setup wizard to add the software to Windows 10. It also comes with VirtualBox that you can further configure Droid4x with.


Firstly, this emulator provides great performance as it can run even the most graphics intensive Android games smoothly. The software’s website boasts that Droid4x had made breakthroughs with its Android kernel and graphics rendering. The apps also run quicker than in other alternative emulators.

The software also has extensive app compatibility. The Droid4x website claims that it runs more than 99% Android apps and games. Another bonus is that Google Play is pre-installed with the emulator so that you can get new apps for it directly from there.


Droid4x also has some extra add-ons. One of those is a remote controller app for Droid4x. You can add that to your Android phone from the software’s website. It also has an in-built app for keyboard mapping that provides even more configuration options for the software.

So those are three of the best Android emulators for Windows 10. With those you can run a plethora of Android apps in Windows 10. Genymotion (which is great for app developers), YouWave and AMIDuOS are also three other decent Android emulators compatible with Win 10 and other platforms. 

Posted by Matthew on December 19, 2016

8 thoughts on “Best Android Emulators for Windows 10 PC”

Trevor says:
Droid4x installs some suspicious services I would be cautious before installing it.
Darren The Wolf says:
I think the one that I mentioned is Droid4x. Because Droid4x is stable, less laggy, and very compatible with my Windows 10. Actually, it uses for everyday games, apps, for communication, chat and playing games.
Marc says:
Android 7.0 Nougat – I’m looking for a compatible window 10 emulator for the Android 7.0. Which one is recommended?
David Wester says:
Thanks to share this awesome article about android emulators..!!!
David says:
MEmu is the best emulator fast stable and easy to use doe not hog resources
DK says:
When I tried to download Andy the download page asked me to install a “search manager”, I hit skip both times it asked and it forwarded me to a page and attempted to install the search manager anyway. You should take this off the list. I’ve reported the site to Google for malware.
Matthew says:
Well, of the three mentioned here try Droid4x is probably the best bet. That’s compatible with Windows XP,, so probably doesn’t have extensive system requirements.
Barry Wolff says:
Thank you Matthew, I will give it a try. By the way the brand new version of BlueStacks –, is very much improved. Its faster and less buggy, and installed on my partners machine at last. I am monitoring it for a while but so far so good, although it still eats RAM.
Barry Wolff says:
I have Bluestacks on my Asus noteback and the new version runs well because I have a dedciated graphics card and 12Gb of RAM.

However my partner has a cheaper version of my notebook with no dedicated card and only 2GB of built in RAM and Bluestacks is slow. Can you recommend the emulator which uses the least resources.


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