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The 5 Best Chrome Reddit Extensions and Apps

The 5 Best Chrome Reddit Extensions and Apps

Reddit is a media aggregation and social news website in which registered users can submit content with text posts or direct links. Then registered users can vote content submissions up or down to determine their ranking positions on the site. It is one of the most highly ranked U.S. websites that has millions of registered users.

Yet, Reddit is a website with a somewhat minimal design. There haven’t been any notable Reddit site revamps for some time now. However, you can still give that website a much-needed overhaul with a few Google Chrome extensions. These are some of the best Chrome extensions that add new tools and options to Reddit and revamp the site’s design.

Reddit Companion

Reddit Companion is an official extension that adds an integrated companion bar to Google Chrome. This extension enables you to share Reddit content more quickly by clicking on a Reddit logo on the URL bar. Then you can submit links to the site with the submission bar. The add-on bar also includes Upvote and Downvote buttons that you can press to vote content up or down. You can add this Reddit Companion to Chrome from this website page.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The Reddit Enhancement Suite is one of the most highly rated Reddit extensions for Chrome. The extension adds a whole new RES settings console to the website. With that console, you can customize the site’s UI and design, browsing, subreddits and submissions. This extension also adds a customizable dashboard to Reddit that displays subreddit content.

Open this website page and click the + Add to Chrome button to add the RES to the browser. Then you can click the cog icon at the top right of Reddit to open the RES settings console shown in the snapshot directly below. When you click Appearance on the left of the console, you can add a new Night Mode to Reddit. Or you can select Stylesheet Loader to add custom themes to Reddit with CSS snippets. The extension’s Never Ending Reddit module is also a great addition that removes pagination so that you keep on scrolling down Reddit’s homepage without pressing a Next button.

Reditr Web App

Reditr is one of the best apps to revamp Reddit with. This app has an entirely separate tab that adds a new column and stream view to Reddit. Reditr users can explore subreddits in multiple columns or by selecting subreddit streams from a sidebar. You can also further customize the tab page by adding new background to it, adjusting fonts sizes or selecting a dark theme. If that isn’t enough, the app includes an Infinite Column Scroll setting, hoverzoom for images, a gallery mode for pictures and multiple account support.

Open this page to add Reditr Web App to Chrome. Then you can open the app by entering ‘chrome://apps’ in the browser’s URL bar. Click Reditr on the Apps tab to open it. Click Stream View or Column View on the sidebar to switch between the two view modes. You can further customize the Reditr page tab by clicking Theme or General on the sidebar.

Readr for Reddit

This is an extension that adds a new read option to the comments. As such, you can click that option to open the comment in an entirely separate tab as shown in the snapshot below. You can also further customize that tab with a Night mode enabled by default setting. The extension doesn’t have a ton of configuration options, but it still comes in handy. You can add Readr for Reddit to Chrome from this web page.

SHINE for Reddit

SHINE for Reddit is an extension that revamps the site’s UI design. The extension adds a modern list view to the site for you to scroll through the posts and links. Alternatively, you can click a grid view button to switch the site’s layout to a grid. You can select extra configuration options by pressing the orange Shine button. However, you’ll need to set up a Shine Bright Account to unlock some of the extension’s extra options. Open this website page to add SHINE for Reddit to Google Chrome.

Those are just a few of the great extensions and apps that you can transform Reddit with. Reddit Tab Opening, Reddit Platinum and Reddit Mail Checker are a few other Chrome extensions that will come handy for redditors the world over.

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