Best IFTTT Recipes for iPhone And Android

IFTTT, is the acronym for If This Then That and is a productivity tool that allows mobile devices and websites to stay connected using automated tasks. Useful IFTTT recipes work like this, if something happens, then a certain output will happen based on the input from before. Knowing some of the best IFTTT recipes will make life so much easier to stay connected on your iPhone and Android.

There are thousands of different IFTTT recipes for iOS and Android, that are pre-made scripts that automate the tech world, but finding useful IFTTT recipes may take some time. Since there are IFTTT recipes for social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are Google services like YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Talk. Popular media sharing services such as SoundCloud, Instagram, and Flickr. Media outlets including Buzzfeed, ESPN, and The New York Times have channels to push their content using IFTTT scripts.

iOS have specific channels that require an IFTTT for iPhone app and IFTTT has an Android app as well. Knowing the best IFTTT for iPhone and best IFTTT for Android will allow you to take advantage of generic channels for things like stocks, weather, date, time, and taking or making SMS messages and phone calls. Below is a list of the best IFTTT recipes for iPhone and Android, check them out.

Notification When a Paid App Goes Free


This is one of the most useful ifttt recipes that you can use to save you time and money. The reason for this is because App developers sometimes make apps free during a promotional period and with this, you’ll receive a notification to your smartphone whenever a paid application becomes free.


Get a Notification Based on the Weather


This is one of the best IFTTT recipes for those who live in areas with changing weather. This recipe will send notifications based on the weather forecast for the next day, which is great for preparing against unexpected weather changes


Battery Saver


It’s common to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with your smartphone to pair and sync devices together, but when you don’t need them it can drain the battery of the smartphone fast. This IFTTT will automatically turn them off when you have left a set location and turn them back on when you arrive back to the location.


Silence Phone Based on Location


This Android-only recipe for your smartphone is based on the location and will set your phone to silent and vibrate.

Text To Escape


This recipe will allow you to send a text to the IFTTT number with the hashtag ‘#helpme’. You will then receive a call with a pre-recorded message, allowing for you to come up with an excuse and leave.


Show To Do List Based on Location


This helpful IFTTT recipe waits for you to leave your house, and then brings up your to-do list. Since it uses iOS reminders, you can even tweak it to bring up your grocery list when you head to the supermarket. You’ve now got no excuse for forgetting the milk!





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