The Best MMORPGs – January 2019

It has been something of a quiet year for the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) genre. There haven’t been that many new game releases compared to other years and it seems the genre is going through something of a quiet period. It isn’t all bad news though as there are some expansions for existing games that are worthy of note. Here are what I think are the best MMORPG games expansions of 2019 so far.

Few games take you away to other worlds or are as immersive as MMORPGs. They are often huge, involve massive game worlds, complicated systems and mixed gameplay that can include combat, leadership, crafting and even farming. Depending on the game you play, there are multiple roles for every kind of person.

If you’re looking to try an MMORPG this year, you could do worse than one of these.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

The biggest release so far this year is the Battle for Azeroth expansion for WoW. Released in August, the expansion has added new levels, new play areas, dungeons, new races, kingdoms and a ton of new stuff. Even though the game is 14 years old, it is still going strong and this expansion seems to have given thousands of players more reasons to play again.


Warframe is an FTP (free to Play) game that has taken the MMORPG world by storm. It’s a futuristic co-op shooter that places you as a member of a warrior race that have to fight a range of enemies. It’s a co-cop PVE game against NPCs where your squad are the only human players. On paper it doesn’t sound that great but once you play and become hooked your opinion will change. While not as deep as WoW or some of the others on this list, it is easily as engaging, if not more so.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has redeemed itself with Path of Fire. After a long period of nothing much going on, this update has brought new life and new interest to this deep and now huge MMORPG. By adding mounts, it is now easier and much more interesting to explore, elite specializations enable a lot more customization and the new bosses and events have revitalized what was a tired and sometimes mundane MMO. As someone who got bored of GW2, I’m so glad I returned!

EVE Online

EVE Online is another MMORPG stalwart than went through a phase of mediocrity before awakening again. This year has seen some vast improvements in the new player experience, some new incursions and events and some UI improvements that have made life much more bearable. Sure it is still a sandbox with a super-steep learning curve, but spaceships!

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online has also seen an update in 2018 with Summerset and some DLCs that add a little flavor to things. Initially I was unimpressed with Elder Scrolls Online as it seemed a pale pastiche of Skyrim. After a while and more than a few updates, ESO is now a serious MMORPG worthy of your time. Apparently over 10 million other people think so too.


Neverwinter was a surprise hit that I played at launch. It looked great, had all the D&D character you could need and had some innovative ideas such as player-designed quests and events. The Ravenloft expansion has done a lot to bring people back to the world and when you log in now, there are people everywhere, just like there was at launch.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is the perfect example of how to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get it right next time. This new version is so much better than before. After the re-release, Final Fantasy XIV is now a great looking game that plays well and is very well supported. Not only does the game look fantastic and play immersively but there are regular events, updates and all that good stuff to keep you coming back for more.

Black Desert Online

I have a love/hate relationship with Black Desert Online. I love the game world, the graphics, the characters, classes and depth but there is also a lot wrong with it. Ganking is rife, leveling can be a painful grind and the world certainly isn’t the largest out there. However, what other MMORPG can you play a Ninja or tame your own horse? Where can you while away an afternoon quietly growing sunflowers if you’re not in the mood for raiding?

New MMORPG games are thin on the ground right now but thankfully the old favorites are still being developed. While it isn’t the best year to be an MMO gamer, there are still new things to try.

What is your favorite MMORPG of 2019? Tell us about it below!

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