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The Best Online Free Language Learning Resources [April 2020]

The Best Online Free Language Learning Resources [April 2020]

There are few better ways to put free time to good use than learning a language. And today, with so many free resources available online, the timing has never been more perfect.

There are many benefits to online language learning. You set your own pace, multitask: learn while doing something else. And you can also mix different resources that cover all the basic skills – reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

Here’s our list of the best online free language learning resources to help you make a start.

best online free language learning resources

Our Recommendation

YouTube Channels

Many teachers worldwide have set up dedicated YouTube channels with free online video language lessons. Many of them use funny illustrations, additional resources, to make their videos engaging and easy to understand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or want to brush up on your vocabulary; you’ll find a suitable channel for your level. Here are a couple of suggestions: Tío Spanish, Learn German with Anja, Italy Made Easy, Learn French with Vincent, and more.

Runner Up



We’re sure you’d recognize this little green owl anywhere. Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular language-learning apps in the world. It’s free, and you can learn a wide variety of languages, relying mostly on translation.

Easy phrases, basic grammar, and vocabulary divided into categories make this app very easy to use. Before you start, you can take a test to monitor your progress. Also, you set your own pace so you can practice for 15 minutes a day if that’s all the time you can spare. The app covers listening and speaking skills and reminds you of daily tasks if you forget to go through your exercises.

Everyone Else

Busuu offers free online lessons in about 15 languages. It’s practical because you can use this app anywhere and anytime. Are you running on your treadmill? No problem; put your headphones in and learn away. The app is very user-friendly, and you can get started in minutes. It’s available both for desktop computers and Android and iOS devices.

Busuu asked language experts to create lessons and provide useful feedback. It’s also easy to track your progress. The best thing is that you can always add more value to your lessons by reading interesting articles and language learning tips on the website.



LiveMocha allows you to learn languages both on your computer and mobile device. Once you open the website or download the app, the only thing you need to do is to select your target and native languages, and you’re ready to start.

The lessons rely on translation and listening, so you can repeat the phrases pronounced by native speakers out loud. Recordings can be played as many times as you need. You can access the first couple of recordings as a guest, to see how it works. To carry on, however, you need to create a free account.


OpenCulture provides one of the most comprehensive lists of free online language courses available online. There are 48 languages you can learn –Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Dutch, and some you may not have even heard of before. If you want to learn something exotic, why not try Hindi or Maori?

There are different resources available for different languages. For some, you can download textbooks, audio recordings, and more. The courses typically cover different skills you need to really speak a language. Many of them include cultural aspects, documentaries, quizzes, glossaries, and other interesting additions to traditional lessons.

Innovative Language

Innovative Language

This platform offers more than 30 free online language courses. To get started, you only need to pick a language, select your level, and create a free account. Innovative Language website will teach you anything, from Danish and French, to Filipino and Afrikaans.

Every course includes audio and video lessons, grammar and vocabulary, real-life dialogues, and cultural aspects. You’ll find something suitable whatever your level may be. Other than the courses, you can also find entertaining blogs and other free resources on the platform: audiobooks, word of the day, eBooks, mobile apps, online communities, and more.

Surface Languages

If you’re going to travel in the next few years, it’s a good idea to learn the language of the country you’re visiting. You don’t have to discuss philosophy with the natives, but why wouldn’t you learn at least how to ask for directions or order a meal in a restaurant?

Surface languages offer just that – you can learn the basics like greetings and simple phrases to help you in everyday situations. Enjoy activities such as listening to audio clips by native speakers, games with flashcards, and much more. You’ll get familiar with the language and be ready to take your knowledge to the next level.

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