The Best Websites for Creating Smartphone Mockups

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2018

There is a lot more to being an app developer or UI designer than coding great features. You also have to display your creation in a way that non-creatives will understand. That used to be with a mockup created using Photoshop or Dreamweaver but now you can use mockup websites. As apps are huge right now, let’s take a look at some of the best websites for creating smartphone mockups. Other types of mockups will still be able to use some of those featured.

A mockup is a representation of how your design, app or creation will look in real life. If you’re pitching for finance or showing a client, explaining how your ideas will work isn’t enough. Showing them how it will work can be. Before this kind of website arrived, you would have to create a demo site or app and run it on a dev server or website to convey the idea accurately. That’s great if you have those kind of resources but not so great if you don’t.

Websites for creating smartphone mockups

This piece concentrates on smartphone mockups but some of the websites featured also have the ability to create other kinds of mockup too.


Smartmockups looks a bit like Pinterest but is full of images where you can place your own designs to showcase them. There are thousands of smartphone mockups as well as computer, TV, print, apparel and all kinds of mockup. If you’re looking for presentation material then this is one of the first places you should come.

It’s free to explore and use and has premium membership if you need more than the basic features.


Mockplus is another very slick website that offers different kinds of digital mockup, including smartphone. It looks and feels a little like an Adobe product with intuitive interfaces, drag and drop utility and neat features like repeat and flowcharts.

This is more a tool for experienced agencies or designers rather than a freelancer or hobbyist as there is a bit of a learning curve and a cost. It is free to try but then $199 a year for individual use.

Fluid UI

Fluid UI is a feature-rich mockup tool that covers smartphones, UX and other digital formats. It’s very slick and works fluidly just like its name. You can create prototypes quickly and easily if you are already familiar with tools like Photoshop or InDesign as it feels very similar.

Fluid UI does a good job of animating smartphone mockups, which makes it stand out from the crowd and should make it easy to convey your ideas effectively. It isn’t free though, at $99 a year for individual use.


Canva is another mockup site capable of creating smartphone mockups for any use. It isn’t just smartphone either but other digital formats such as websites and UX. Canva has come a long way since it was first released and is now slicker and easier to use than ever. Using built-in templates and drag and drop, you can have something up and running in less than an hour.

Canva is free for individual use, free to use for 30 days if using it for work and is then $12.95 a month.


Sketch is a more serious and more involved design tool capable of producing smartphone mockups. It has been recently redesigned and upgraded and is now an extremely competent platform. There is a learning curve but if you have used any design tools previously, it won’t take long.

The interface is logical and well laid-out while the features are plentiful including drag and drop and a full prototyping tool. It isn’t free though and runs at $99 a year.


Threed.io is less involved than these other smartphone mockup websites but no less capable. It’s a browser-based tool that lets you create 3D models of your ideas. It is free to use, requires no downloads and has many of the tools of these others here. It is in beta right now but seems fairly feature-rich.

The interface is simple with tools at the bottom and drag and drop functionality. You can import designs and export your creation as you need. It is not as in-depth as these others but for lighter mockup work it will definitely get the job done.


Mockuuups is my final website for creating smartphone mockups. It’s another light option for those who don’t need all the depth and detail of some of the other options in the list. It is still very capable and will have you creating very effective mockups in minutes. It’s a drag and drop app with the usual tools, library of resources and ability to import your own.

There is a free version that lets you create 5 mockups and a premium version that offers unlimited designs.

Those are what I think are some of the best websites for creating smartphone mockups. Got any other suggestions? Tell us about them below if you do!

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