The Best Ways to Play Roblox [September 2019]

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online platform created by gamers for gamers. It’s a virtual space where people can socialize and interact, but also be creative and form friendships. The main focus of this game is on getting the users to design and create their own games, as well as play the games offered by the platform and other players. Here’s more about this fantastic platform.

How to Get Roblox

To play Roblox on PC, just go to their official website. For Xbox One, you can find the game for free in the Xbox Live store. Finally, search “Double Trouble Studio” in your mobile app store to find the Roblox game for mobile.



Roblox is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. The Xbox One version is pretty straightforward since it’s a gaming-focused platform. On the other hand, handheld devices and computers are multi-purpose platforms, meaning that there are more things to take into account there.

For instance, the main difference between the handheld and the desktop version of Roblox is that the installer needs 1 GB of hard disk space, while the mobile version needs roughly 80 MB. On the other hand, the computer version features much better graphics and a significantly better FPS rate. As this isn’t really a game where cutting-edge graphics play an essential role, the fact that it has a frame rate of 30 FPS is much more worrying.

best way to have roblox

The gameplay experience is more than solid on all platforms, but bear in mind that the game does eat up a lot of RAM and CPU resources, so it may not work well on older computers. Yes, you can lower the graphics, disable v-sync and anti-aliasing, as well as change the resolution, but if you go under 30 FPS, the gameplay experience will be borderline unbearable.

There is a hack here, though. You can play the handheld-to-PC port which brings the mobile version to your PC, making the whole experience smooth, even on low-end computers. If you don’t have a mid- to high-range PC, it is recommended that you focus on using this port.

How Does It Work?

Roblox pretty much works similarly to any MMO game out there. When signing up for the platform, you should create your account, entering your date of birth, gender, username, and password. Once you’ve created the account, you will be redirected to a platform that isn’t too different from a typical social networking site profile page.

On your profile, you’ll be able to see all the games that you’ve played, make feed posts, and go to your friends’ profiles. Your profile also displays the groups that you are a part of, as well as the badges that you’ve won. Of course, there is a chat function that you can use to communicate with your Roblox friends.


Even though it’s something much bigger than a mere MMO game, Roblox is still, in its very essence, a game. The movement is the easiest part of the entire concept. Use W for forward, S for back, A to go left, and D to go right. Press the Spacebar to jump. On Xbox One, use the navigational arrows to move around and A to jump.

A much bigger part of the actual gameplay revolves around making games for other people to enjoy and pay money for. Roblox is about becoming successful enough in the very “game” to turn it into profit in real life. Of course, there are many casual players out there who play it just for fun.

Earning Money

Roblox is an immensely fun gaming experience, but money can actually be made on this platform. The first and most obvious way to earn real money is to create games that people will want to play. Quite obviously, you’ll gain popularity over time and be able to earn via ads and by offering non-obligatory downloadable content to the gamers. This is what the gamers pay for once they’re hooked.

Alternatively, you can simply charge people to gain access to your game. It’s true, most games are absolutely free to play, but this doesn’t mean that all games are. If you are confident that your game rules, you should charge people for playing it.

Another way to get paid on Roblox is to exchange Robux for actual money. Robux is a virtual in-game currency that serves as a means of payment in the game. People actually spend their real money to buy Robux for the game, so there’s obviously a way to do this in the opposite direction. The Developer Exchange program allows you to change your Robux for real money. Keep in mind, though, that not everyone can do this because you have to be fairly advanced in the community.

Finally, you can trade items for real money in Roblox. Some items in the game are only available for a short while and, if you were to look for such temporarily-available items, you may well sell them at a much higher price later.

Being Great at Roblox

The main point of Roblox is not earning money, but creating fantastic games that get people hooked. In order to succeed, you need to watch what other successful games and game makers do. Don’t make your game pay-to-play from the get-go. Instead, observe the market and go for popularity before money. Oh, and make a great game avatar!

Have you ever made a game on Roblox? If you are just a casual player, what do you enjoy the most in the games you play? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments below and ask away if you have any questions.

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