How To Cancel Blue Apron

Tired of trying new obscure recipes? No longer want warm ingredients in crushed boxes arriving at your door? Want to cancel Blue Apron but don’t know how? If you answered yes to any of those, this tutorial is for you!

Blue Apron is one of a number of services that seek to take the apparent work out of feeding yourself. You sign up for a subscription and they send you a series of ingredients and a recipe card to make a random dish. You get the opportunity to try new things all the time without having to leave home in return for around $8.84 per serving.

Blue Apron has a great website, good quality marketing strategy and a caring persona. Unfortunately, it also falls for the same shady practices of other subscription services by making it as difficult as possible to cancel. Blue Apron’s T&Cs says that in order to quit you have to email the company and they will reply with further instructions.

‘If you decide to cancel your account, contact our Customer Experience team at [email protected], and we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to complete the cancellation process.’ Blue Apron website.

Yet again, you can sign up online or on mobile, but can cancel a subscription on neither.

Cancel Blue Apron

Fortunately, thanks to a couple of friends across the country who have tried and canceled Blue Apron, I can show you how to do it without the email chain.

On a PC, visit:

On mobile visit:

Log in, select cancel subscription and move on. You will of course be charged for any deliveries that have been processed or shipped but should receive no further deliveries after that.

How to eat well when you’re busy

In theory these food services should be great. You get everything you need in a box delivered to your door. What’s not to love? To my mind, everything. Since when did buying your own food and finding a recipe become such hard work? Since when did browsing a grocery store for fresh produce become so tiresome?

The marketing blurb says Blue Apron sends you higher quality food at a better value, ‘By cutting out the middle man and delivering ingredients at their freshest.’ Better value than what? Higher quality food than what? How is having ingredients sit in a box for 24 -48 hours fresher than picking it up at the grocery store?

On average, Blue Apron costs you around $60 per week for three meals for two people. That means you still have to go grocery shopping and still have to plan four other dinners and seven lunches and pay for them. So it isn’t as if you won’t be going grocery shopping anyway. Plus, if you’re single, Blue Apron doesn’t even cater for you.

If you’re busy and we all are, you can still eat healthily without relying on expensive services like this one.

Plan ahead

Meal planning is a bit of a chore but once you get into the habit, will take less than ten minutes per week. You can plan each dinner and buy the ingredients needed in one hit. You can top up with fresh produce on the way home from work and either cook it fresh or defrost it.

Use grocery lists

Once you have your meal plan, you can build your shopping list. Hit the supermarket with a list and you can be in and out in less than an hour. Less procrastinating, less wondering and more getting and going. While there is a certain romance about selecting the freshest produce and coming up with a recipe to use it, if you don’t have time, you don’t have time.

Portion and freeze

I tend to cook on a Sunday and cook in bulk. I have a repertoire of one-pot meals like chili, Bolognese, beef stew and others that I cook in a huge pot. I then divide it into meal sized portions, put them into plastic containers and freeze them. That way I always have at least two or three options for a healthy meal with none of the preparation. I can just make some rice, pasta or salad, defrost and cook the meal and it’s ready to go.

Soups to go

If you own a food processor or soup maker, there really is no excuse to not have a few soups in the freezer or refrigerator. Fresh ingredients, a few herbs and spices and you have a week’s worth of healthy lunches for very little money. Add a fresh crusty roll and you have one of the best office lunches known to man.

Preparing and shopping for food isn’t difficult and doesn’t need to be time consuming. It’s all about priorities. Blue Apron and the likes are great if you prioritize convenience over money, but if you plan properly and keep organized, you can have both!

2 thoughts on “How To Cancel Blue Apron”

Avatar Dede says:
The blue apron mobile link no longer allows you to cancel
Avatar Bryony Castrillo says:
Thank you so much for this post! I have been trying to cancel my blue apron for 2 months. Your link for the mobile app was a big help!! My mom convinced me to sign up so she could send me free meals a couple of years ago. I have a family of 6 so it doesn’t feed us anyways. It was very difficult to get to the right link. Thank you!!

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