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How To Convert Photos to Black and White on the iPhone

How To Convert Photos to Black and White on the iPhone

Cameras on the iPhone and other mobile devices are better than ever. They are capable of capturing pictures that you would have never thought possible even a few short years ago. Even with all this power, megapixels and sharp colors at your disposal, there is something about a great black and white photo that looks amazing. Black and white colors allow you to strip away all distractions and simply focus on the content of the photo, and can just make for better and more interesting photos sometimes.

However, the default mode of the camera is to shoot in color. So even though you may want black and white photos, it isn’t plainly clear where to go to do that. Thankfully, the iPhone is full of different ways to convert your images to black and white. The mode you choose to use will depend on what your wants and needs are. But in addition to converting images to black and white, you can actually shoot in black and white on the iPhone. Before getting into how to convert images to black and white, we’ll let you know how to take pictures in black and white, which eliminates the need for converting altogether!


All you have to do is go to the iPhone’s camera and then hit the icon in the top right corner (the three overlapping circles). This will give you a number of different filter options to shoot. Simply choose one that is black and white and voila, you are now shooting in black and white. If you want to switch back, or use another filter option, you can use the exact same button to do so.

However, if you have photos you’ve already taken that you want to convert (or just like the art of converting yourself), there are plenty of options for that too. The easiest option for converting photos to black and white is to simply use the iPhone’s built-in editing tools. After you have taken a photo, go to the photo in your camera roll. From here, tap the edit button and then tap the filters button on the bottom (the one with the three overlapping circles). Then you will be able to select which filter you want to put on your phone. The first few are different types of black and white, but there are also other filter options if you prefer those.

Another option is to download a photo editing app, many of which will be able to convert your images to black and white with ease. They also come with a number of other great features that can take your photos to the next level. Some of the best are Snapseed, Oggl and many others. In addition to just a simple conversion to black and white, many of these apps will be able to let you customize just how dark or light you want to go.

Either one of these options is a great way to get stunning black and white photos on your phone in seconds. Even if you aren’t a big fan of black and white photos, you should give them a try, they can be a great way to get a different feel or tone from a color photo of the same setting.

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