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Can I Delete the $Windows.~ BT Folder?

Can I Delete the $Windows.~ BT Folder?

Windows BT can take up precious computer drive space. If has been known to cause fluctuations in space availability of up to 6 GB or more. It creates a sudden change of your available space for anyone running Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

What is in $Windows.~ BT Folder?

This folder is present on Windows 7/8 for users to upgrade to Windows 10 if the user wants to do that. Thus, if you upgrade it to Windows 10 you should not delete the folder at least for one month as the folder contains downgrade your installation option. But if you have no plans for upgrading, then there is no tension regarding deleting the folder.

This folder also contains files that will assist in the downgrade process and also contains logs and other files regarding upgrades. You need to decide clearly before deleting that you don’t need to get back to your older version of Windows or want to keep Windows 10 permanently


Existence and Location of $Windows.~ BT Folder

The folder is by default a hidden folder. It exists at the root of the drive you’ve installed Windows to. As it is hidden, you’ll need to enable viewing hidden folders from one click on the options screen. After this has been done, there you can find your hidden Windows BT folder on your drive.


What Actually is the $Windows.~BT Folder?

This folder came with your device when you downloaded Windows or updated the same on your device. The files present in the folder include files needed to upgrade to Windows 10 and have usually downloaded over time. Windows 10 was released on July 29 and the folder was likely created shortly thereafter.

Can I safely Delete the $Windows.~BT Folder?

Those device users using Windows 7/8 are in plan to upgrade it to Windows 10 you should wait till upgrade over, but if you have no further plan to upgrade or downgrade your device, you can delete the folder. The folder can’t quite be deleted so simply though. Microsoft would automatically re-download the upgrade files after delete if you don’t tell your Windows installation that you don’t want to download the files any more.

So to get out of this problem you need to uninstall the KB3035583 update. You can try Disk Clean Up option if you are facing difficulty while deleting the folder. 

Click Windows+R on your keyboard, a run box will open in which you have to type %windir%\system32\cleanmgr.exe. Now, you have to select the Windows Drive and click on the option to scan the drive.

When its done, click on “Clean up System Files” which you find at bottom left side of the window which will scan the Windows drive once again.


You will see “Temporary Windows Installation Files” after scan is complete. Now, you can start the clean up process.


 No harm can be caused to your system if you delete this folder.

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