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Device Maintenance Options on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Device Maintenance Options on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Stay updated on every part of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 functions and features. Device maintenance basically entails checking up on the general status of the storage, security, battery, and RAM. You can optimize your Galaxy smartphone to yield better performances.

Available modules might be different depending on the wireless service provider and software version.

Quick Optimization Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Quick Optimization feature boosts the phone’s performance in a number of ways.

  1. By showing the exact apps that utilize excess battery power and removing unwanted items from storage memory
  2. Deleting all files and apps that run in the background

Scanning for Malware

In order to improve the performance capabilities of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, you should launch the Settings App > Device Maintenance > Optimize Now > Done.

Battery Usage On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A smartphone’s lifeline span is dictated by the battery life. There are various ways through which you can reconfigure the battery settings of the Galaxy Note 9 in order to prolong the battery life. Open the Settings app and click on the Device Maintenance option. Select Battery to access the options under it.

  1. Battery Usage: Check the details for battery usage per app
  2. Power Saving Mode: You can pick from the OFF, MID, and MAX options for extended battery life. The estimated remainder of battery life for each option will be stated

App Power Monitor On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. App power monitor: Put apps in sleep mode when they are not in use to save battery power
  2. Unmonitored apps: Choose select apps that you want to prevent from being put to sleep through the App power monitor. Simply navigate to More Options > Advanced Settings > Configure Advanced Battery Settings

System Performance On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We all have frequently visited apps on our smartphones. You can boost your Galaxy Note 9 performance to suit your needs. Simply launch Settings and choose the Device Maintenance option, after which you should access Touch Performance Mode.

There are a variety of options under Touch Performance Mode you can choose from.

  1. Optimized (recommended): Balances screen resolution and battery life for everyday
  2. Game: Boost your gameplay experience with this mode that allows smooth running of gaming apps
  3. Entertainment: Explore and enjoy media files in ultra-high definition and enhanced images
  4. High performance: Enjoy the highest quality display mode

Storage Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you are concerned about your smartphone being overridden by unnecessary data like residual files and system cache, it is probably time to make a few changes to your storage.

Simply navigate to Settings > Device Maintenance > Storage > Clean Now. This action will free up valuable storage space by erasing irrelevant data like advertisement files, residual files, and cache.

Memory Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Is your phone constantly hanging or being unusually slow? Then it is time to free up memory space in order to boost your Galaxy Note 9 performance.

Launch the Settings app > Device Maintenance > Memory > CLEAN NOW. This action will free up memory by closing background apps.

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