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How To Disable And Turn OFF LED Notifications On LG G7

How To Disable And Turn OFF LED Notifications On LG G7

If you are an LG G7 user, you might frequently notice that your phone’s LED flashes. It only means that your phone is notifying you about something. Usually, the LED notification informs you when you have received a message, a call, an email or an app update on your phone.
However, LED notification from smartphones can be harmful rather than helpful sometimes. A lot of research has been conducted throughout the years that frequent exposure to LED lights can harm your eyes. If you want to prevent any possible eye issues in the future, might as well learn how to turn off the LED notification of your LG G7. So without further ado, here is the step-by-step guide on how to deactivate or disable your LG G7’s LED notification.

Disabling and Deactivating the LG G7’s LED Notification

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. From your LG G7’s Home screen, open the Menu app
  3. Head down to the Settings application
  4. Once there, choose the “Sound &Notifications” option
  5. Under it, search for the “LED indicator” option
  6. Switch the toggle OFF to deactivate this feature

Another reason as to why you may want to deactivate the LED notification feature of your LG G7 is to prevent other people to have a sneak peak on the private emails or messages you receive on your phone. You’ll never know when will you receive a life-moving message that may contain a sensible information.
Please do note that you aren’t able to deactivate individual notification types for your LG G7’s LED notification feature. Deactivating this feature will be applicable to all the notifications you receive on your phone, and disabling it shall disable the feature for all other notifications, obviously.

After you have disabled the LED Notification feature, you will realize that you managed to hit two birds using one stone. Not only that you managed to protect your privacy by disabling it, you also helped out your eyes be as healthy as possible!

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