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How To Fix LG G7 Power Button Not Working

How To Fix LG G7 Power Button Not Working

Several reports around have been gathered from LG G7 clients that correlate to an issue within the device. The matter stated that there’s a problem with the LG G7’s Power button. What happens is that doesn’t react to any tap or press you perpetrate against it. What surprises its users is that the backlight of the LG G7’s is responding, yet its screen doesn’t follow through. A cause of this problem may be screen isues when receiving calls. Don’t worry folks for in this article, we will be shedding some light on as to how to resolve the Power button issue of your LG G7.

How to Examine and Resolve the Issue of the Power button on your LG G7

In most occasions, the issue arises when you try installing a third party application on your LG G7. The best thing to do at this point is to activate the Safe Mode of your LG G7 then check the power button once again. We cannot safely assume that a third-party application may be the culprit within this issue, activating your LG G7’s Safe Mode will let your phone automatically examine all the applications on it and check which ones cause the issue.

Another way you can fix this issue is by performing a reset/reboot on your LG G7. You should do this only if the issue is still present even though you already activated the Safe Mode on your phone. Once you’ve already perform the rebooting, inspect your LG G7 whether it has the latest software update. Implementing a factory reset on your smartphone will help you eliminate all the faults on your phone carried on by third-party applications, therefore will work the Power button problem if it’s generated out by a software malfunction. Recomhub advises checking regularly for software updates from your manufacturer.

We hope that we have helped you solved the issue regarding your LG G7’s Power Button. This is a common issue that many users face. If you still have issues give a search on to find the answers

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Feb 9, 2018

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