How To Download an Embedded Video from any Website

Posted by Jamie on October 14, 2018

In 2018, video has never been bigger than it is now, especially online. It seems that almost every website small and large produces video content now, from reviews and interviews to featurettes or behind-the-scenes looks as your favorite industries and hobbies. There’s so much content to watch now that it can almost be difficult to find the time to watch it all. Sites like YouTube allow you to add content to your Watch Later list, which means you can save videos for when you have time to catch up. Unfortunately, not every video can be found on YouTube. Plenty of sites use embedded videos, built right into the web page you’re reading, to give additional context to a story. Unfortunately, those embedded videos often are enclosed and locked to a page, making it difficult to take on the go or watch elsewhere outside the webpage.

If you’re looking to download and save a video embedded onto a webpage, either to take on the go or to stop a video from constantly buffering, you have plenty of options online. It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world, but when it comes to downloading content from any site in the world, you have some great choices online. Let’s look at three ways to download embedded videos from any website online.

Downloading with a Browser Extension

By far, our favorite way for users to download content from any embedded video is through a number of extensions available on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and more. Generally speaking, Chrome and Firefox tend to have the widest variety when it comes to using an extension on your device, though this isn’t always true when it comes to finding extensions that allow you to download content. Still, we’ve found that extensions offer the most use and flexibility when it comes to saving content on your device. Let’s take a look at two of our favorite extensions for downloading and saving content

Flash Video Downloader (Firefox)

By far one of our favorites around, Flash Video Downloader is a great option for Firefox. With an average rating of 4.1 stars from over 3,000 reviews, this is a trusted source if you’re trying to download content to your device from a whole range of sites and sources online. The site has a whole range of content it can download from, and the extension makes it easy to tell when an embedded video is able to be downloaded and saved to your device. When installed within Firefox, a small arrow in your browser’s taskbar turns blue that allows you to click on the extension and save the video. Like most methods, this won’t work on every site, but it does generally work in our experience.

Video DownloadHelper (Chrome/Firefox)

Video DownloadHelper was created as an extension for Firefox in 2007, with a Chrome extension having been made available in 2015. Both platforms have been regularly maintained and updated to ensure the most amount of capability between the two platforms. Video DownloadHelper has a full list of sites it works on, ranging from well-known sources like YouTube and Vimeo to lesser-known offering that host a variety of content across the web.

Downloading with an Online Tool

If you aren’t willing to install an extension, we have a number of extensions available you can choose to use in order to download the content to your computer. While extensions for web browsers are often the best way to go, it’s certainly not the only option you have when trying to download video. Websites that are designed to extract video from online sources essentially work as built-in extensions online.


Savefrom.net is a very useful website that works with many popular video websites including YouTube. It also works on other web pages with embedded video. Capture the URL of the page, paste it into the page and select search. The page processes and identifies the video if it can and then provides options for quality. Select the quality you want and hit Download.


VideoGrabby does much the same thing. Once you get over the garish yellow color scheme, the site works well. Paste the page URL into the box and hit Go. The extractor will identify the video if it can and offer quality options. Select your desired quality and download.

Both of these sites are free to use and work well. They occasionally slow down at peak times but that is to be expected. Otherwise, both work well across a huge range of websites.

Capturing Video with a Screen Recorder

Finally, if neither of the above two options work for you, there’s always the last-ditch option: using a screen recorder to playback the video and record it to your device. This is, of course, a less-than-perfect option, especially when it comes to capturing video that could be hours long. Like using a DVR, you’ll need to record the video in real-time, allowing the video to playback on your PC with the sound on in order to properly capture it as it records on your device. Still, for short videos or for videos you simply must have saved, it’s an easy way to capture content to playback any time in the future, regardless of your internet connection.

To record the video on your device, there’s no better solution than Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS. OBS is an open-source client for recording and capturing your content on any modern operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Using the platform is surprisingly easy, as setting up the screen capture can be done in just a couple clicks before syncing your PC and hitting recording inside OBS. Once it’s recording, you’re free to start the video and let it play, as the content will record straight to your videos folder. You can review the video when you’ve stopped recording, or you can edit the video to trim out the parts before and after the recording. Make sure your computer’s volume is turned up, or you likely won’t be able to hear the audio when you play the video back.


Do you know of any other ways to download an embedded video from any website without using ripper software? Tell us about it below if you do!

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