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How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Essential PH1

How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Essential PH1

One of the major problems when you have a high-end smartphone, is when you lose it or someone steals it. However, there are several ways to locate a lost device. One is a tracker application. Another is an Android Device Manager or similar software, which is kind of like the Apple’s Find my iphone. We will be discussing the different steps to locate your stolen or lost Essential PH1.

Quick Tips in Finding Lost Essential PH1

We will be discussing the different steps on how to locate the lost Essential PH1. Read below for tips on ways to track down your lost phone.

  • Ensure that your Essential PH1 has the needed tools in the device, when trying to locate your phone or when you are trying to gain control over it even when you are in a different place. Using apps such as Android Device Manager or Lookout. If you are able to retrieve your device, you must make sure that you take precautionary measures so it does not happen again.
  • Applications such as AirDroid, to be able to gain access to data you want to retrieve. You can also make use of advanced or more high end features such as remote access to the camera and SMS text messaging.

Find Essential PH1 With Extra Loud Ringer

You should always begin by putting your Essential PH1 device on loud mode,which will easily help you in locating it when it is anywhere near you.You would also get the chance to locking the phone even when you are in a different location, or totally deleting documents, especially when it is sensitive information that you’re handling.
Make it a point to install Android Device Manager ASAP should you want to make use of the service.

Locate Essential PH1 With Device Manager

One of the best ways to make sure you locate your stolen or lost Essential PH1 device, is through Android Device Manager. Google released this software back in 2013. Since then nearly all Android devices ship with this software pre-installed. Many android devices, usually comes with this feature enabled, although we strongly recommend you verifiy this.
Yo can make sure that Android Device Manager  is placed or enabled on your Essential PH1 device, by making your way to Settings, click to select > Security and Screen Lock , then make your way to Device Administrators. The different wordages or location of the choices or menus you may want to choose may be set up differently on every device so I would recommend you played around with it, Make sure you simply check on the box that says “Android Device Manager.

Using Another Device

When you are planning on using the Android Device Manager from another mobile device to try and locate your Essential PH1, that is missing you would need to make your way to the Device Manager website so you can track your device. This software uses Global Positioning System or GPS to locate the device’s whereabouts or position.
The GPS Button will try to locate the device. Google has strongly advised those who use this service not to go after a  stolen device on their own. Contact your local law enforcement agency instead! It is very vital to note that for this service to work, the Essential PH1 must be connected to a Wifi Network so that the location can be correctly tracked.

Using Lookout

In case you can not use the Android Device Manager with your Essential PH1 device, then you should consider using Lockout. which is similar to the Android Device Manager which offers more general or more holistic security features.

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