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How to Fix Your Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a Screen Test

How to Fix Your Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a Screen Test

Samsung Galaxy phones are some of the best and most popular smartphones in the world. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ might not be the newest members of the Galaxy series, but it’s a high-quality, incredibly good-looking phone.

Still, it’s not perfect, and it will glitch from time to time. Samsung Galaxy phones have a hidden screen test that offers a service menu you can use to check your phone’s hardware. It’s an excellent way to discover if something requires troubleshooting or even repairing.

Finding the Samsung Screen Test Menu

The Samsung Galaxy 8+ offers many options and possibilities, but a lot of them remain undiscovered. So, how do you access a neatly hidden service menu? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Grab your Samsung S8+ and tap the “Phone” button.
  2. Type in the following code “*#0*#.”
  3. The moment you enter the code, the service screen test will open.

Don’t be surprised if the brightness of your screen suddenly changes. If you have it on a lower setting, the test screen will increase it to the maximum. After finishing with it, you can lower the brightness settings again. So, what kind of analysis can you perform?

There are over 20 different hardware tests you can do, but the most important ones are front and back camera, vibration, touch screen, speaker, screen colors, and receiver.

You can go through each of the service tests and see how your Samsung Galaxy S8+ performs. If everything is working correctly, then you’re all set. Though, you should repeat the test every once in a while.

But if you’re experiencing some issues with the hardware, this test will likely show it. Once you know what kind of problem you have, you can take proper action to fix it. Here are some examples of what you can do.

Fix Galaxy S8+ Screen Test

Running the Galaxy S8+ in Safe Mode

In many cases, you might have software issues with your Samsung Galaxy that seem like faulty hardware is causing them.

Your camera might suddenly stop working, or your phone could start having sound issues. One of the best ways to test this is to enter Safe Mode and see if the problems persist. Follow these steps to make that happen:

  1. Take your phone and turn it off.
  2. Hold the Power key until the name and brand of your phone appear on the screen.
  3. Once you see the “Samsung” white letters, let go of the Power key.
  4. The moment you release the Power key, press the Volume Down key and hold.
  5. Don’t let go of the Volume key until the phone restart completes.
  6. You will see the Safe Mode logo at the bottom of the screen. Release the Volume Down key.

If your phone’s hardware is working just fine from the Safe Mode, that means a third-party app is causing the problem. Next, clear the data and cache from all apps and test the hardware again.

Software Update+

You can also check if your Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a new software update that you haven’t yet installed.

An outdated Android operating system can cause the hardware to start malfunctioning. All you need to do is go to Settings>Software Update>Download Updates Manually.

Galaxy S8+ Screen Test

Factory Reset

In rare instances, you might need to perform a factory reset on your Galaxy phone. If you can’t get rid of the issues through a soft reboot or app management, this is the best course of action.

A factory reset is a great way to bring your phone to its original state and start from scratch. So, here is how you do it on your Samsung Galaxy S8+:

  1. On your phone, go to the App Drawer and select “Settings.”
  2. Then select “Backup and reset,” followed by “Factory data reset.”
  3. Now select “Reset” and finally “Delete All.”

After the factory reset, check for hardware issues again. If your touchscreen, camera, or anything else is still not working correctly, then it’s time to take the phone to a service shop for repairs.

How to Fix Galaxy S8+ Screen

Making the Most of the Hidden Service Test

The Samsung Galaxy service test is a revelation for sure. This powerful tool is just a few taps away, and it can help you discover what’s bothering your phone in no time.

Determining if the issue lies with hardware or software is not always simple, but the potential solutions listed above should help you.

Have you ever tried the service screen test on your Galaxy phone before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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