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How To Fix LG G7 Volume Not Working, Sound And Audio Problems

How To Fix LG G7 Volume Not Working, Sound And Audio Problems

Sounds are like a salt. You can live without it, though it tastes better if you put some on it. Trying imagining watching your favorite series then muting it for the whole episode. Yes, you can still enjoy watching it but the sound effects give more drama to each scene. Right? Now, try imagining your LG G7 without an emitting audio in it. Sure, with it’s highly appraised features, you can compete with other top dog phones. Yet, without a sound emitting from it, do you think you can fully enjoy using it?

Numerous LG G7 clients across the globe have been blaming failures within the volumes of their phone. These audio and sound concerns are super obvious when they’re calling or receiving a call from somebody, which of course nonsense because it loses the essence of having an audible discussion with someone.

With this guide, you’ll be able to solve those problems pertaining your LG G7’s audio/volume. However, if you’ve done all the pointers we’ll be teaching you in this article, and still experiencing issues with the audio/ volume of your LG G7, then it’s time considering getting a replacement unit from the carrier provider you got that from. With that said, let’s dive deeper into the ways of fixing your LG G7’s Audio/ Volume issues:

How to Fix the LG G7’s Audio/Volume Problems

  • Your LG G7’s Bluetooth Feature may also result in the Volume/Audio Issue of your phone. What you need to do is turn OFF the Bluetooth Connection then try restarting your phone. Once it got back, check whether the issue has been solved.
  • The father of all fixes in all the issues regarding all kinds of smartphones, the Cache cleaning or Wiping off your LG G7’s cache. Implement it on your phone and this will solve the issue, including the ones that you haven’t checked yet. If you want to know the steps on how to perform this, check out this article on how to wipe the LG G7 cache.
  • Power OFF your LG G7. After doing so, remove the sim card then put it back again after a minute
  • Consider the fact that a dirt, debris, or dust might have gotten inside the speaker of your LG G7. In order to resolve the Audio problem of your LG G7, all you got to do is clean it up with a compressed air then try playing a sound on your LG G7 in order to test it.
  • Ultimately, enter your LG G7 into Recovery Mode and it shall solve all problems especially if a faulty application is causing your Volume issues.

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Feb 8, 2018

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