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How To Fix No Service On LG G7

How To Fix No Service On LG G7

Do you frequently see the “No Service” message above the screen of your LG G7? Then if you are, know that there’s a service problem with your LG G7.  The LG G7 “No Service” Issue is actually normal and should not cause a panic to its owner. The thing is, your LG G7 cannot skim any signals being thrown by your carrier provider. We highly recommend that you read this article on how to retrieve your IMEI number and solve your LG G7’s No Signal problem prior to proceeding with instructions we’ve set for you in the rest of the guide.

Why does my LG G7 Show Me “No Service” Message Frequently?

A disabled LG G7’s Radio signal is the main reason as to why this event befalls. The thing is, it automatically appears and your GPS and WiFi connection automatically disable when you saw this message on your LG G7’s screen.

IMEI Number Issue Fix

Frequently, when you got a nulled IMEI number, you should notice a “No Service” message on your smartphone. This guide shall teach you what to do if your IMEI number is nulled or corrupted and how to examine it. To learn further about the process, please read this article: Restore LG G7 Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network

Steps in Fixing the “No Service” Issue of your LG G7

In order to fix the “No Service” error on your LG G7, you must follow precisely and perform carefully the following steps below:

  1. Open your phone app and bring up the keypad
  2. Type in this code: *#*#4636#*#* 
  3. Access Service mode
  4. Select “Device information”
  5. Press the Ping Test option
  6. Hit on the Turn Radio Off button
  7. Lastly, choose reboot

Consider getting a fresh SIM card

If after doing the steps above and still that doesn’t fix the issue, then there’s a great chance that your SIM card is the problem here. To examine it, take it out and put it back in to inspect whether it’ll resolve the concern. If it doesn’t then go ahead to your carrier provide and purchase a new one. Then you can bid the “No Service” issue of your LG G7 a bye-bye!

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