Flashlight Widget On LG G7

If you just got the new LG G7, it’s important to know how to access and use the flashlight widget on your device. The Flashlight on the LG G7 is one of the essential tools that you have on your LG G7. Although it’s not a suitable replacement for the LED Maglight, it does a very good job especially in a situation where you desperately need a source of light no matter how small. This article will teach you how to use the Flashlight as a torch on your LG G7.

There was a time that it was required to download a third-party app before you can use the flashlight as a torch on your smartphone. But new ways and new tech are being made every day and it’s no more news that you do not need to download any app on most of the recent smartphones now to turn the flashlight as a torch.

The same thing applies to LG G7 because it has a preinstalled flashlight widget that you can use to easily switch on or off the flashlight. The purpose of this article is to make you understand how you can use Torch feature on the LG G7, with its pre-installed flashlight widget. For users that will like to know what a widget is, a widget is just a small shortcut icon of an app that you can add to the home screen of your device to easily have access to the app.

How to Use LG G7 Flashlight Widget

  1. Switch on your LG G7
  2. Tap and hold down on the home screen until you see a menu with options which include “Wallpapers,” “Widgets” and “Home screen settings”
  3. Click on  “Widgets”
  4. It will bring you a list of all the widgets available, locate “Torch”
  5. Tap and hold “Torch” and drag it an open place on your device home screen
  6. Anytime you need to use the flashlight on LG G7, just tap on the “Torch” icon
  7. If you will like to switch it off, tap the icon again or you can locate the notification settings to switch it off

The tips above will teach you how to switch on and off the flashlight on LG G7. You can also use the Launcher on your LG G7 to access the flashlight; the only difference is that some of the widgets might probably be in different locations.

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