Over 200 Funny Alexa Commands to Get you Laughing

Posted by Jamie on September 20, 2018

Alexa is capable of many things. It can play music, get the traffic or weather, buy stuff from Amazon and even help run an entire smart home. It can also make you laugh, which in my opinion is much more useful than turning on smart lighting or telling me what the traffic is like.

This page is a collection of some of the funnier Alexa commands you can use when you’re bored. There are apparently hundreds of them but I have sorted the ones I could find into this manageable list for your benefit. I have also categorized them to make life a little easier. These aren’t my work, other people discovered them. I have merely collected a bunch of then in one place for our mutual entertainment.

Funny Alexa commands

Whether you call them Easter eggs or funny Alexa commands, the end result is the same. An amusing interlude between you and your Alexa to brighted your day.

The most popular Alexa commands right now:

  • ‘Alexa, I am your father.’
  • ‘Alexa, are you a nerd?’
  • ‘Alexa, do you like pizza?’
  • ‘Alexa, drop a beat’
  • ‘Alexa, can you sing in auto-tune?’
  • ‘Alexa, high five’
  • ‘Alexa, what happens if you step on Lego?’
  • ‘Alexa, what are you thinking about?’
  • ‘Alexa, what does the fox say?’
  • ‘Alexa, what sound does a hamster make?’
  • ‘Alexa, use the force.’
  • ‘Alexa, open the pod bay doors.’
  • ‘Alexa, who you gonna call?’
  • ‘Alexa, are you Skynet?’
  • ‘Alexa, ‘Winter is coming.’
  • ‘Alexa, beam me up.’
  • ‘Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.’
  • ‘Alexa, surely you can’t be serious.’
  • ‘Alexa, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.’
  • ‘Alexa, I want the truth.’
  • ‘Alexa, what’s the first rule of Fight Club?’
  • ‘Alexa, is the cake a lie?’
  • ‘Alexa, is there a Santa?’
  • ‘Alexa, what are the laws of robotics?’

Movie related Alexa commands

Who doesn’t love movies? These funny Alexa commands are all based around our favorite pastime.

  • ‘Alexa, may the force be with you.’
  • ‘Alexa, use the force.’
  • ‘Alexa, who shot first?’
  • ‘Alexa, execute order 66.’
  • ‘Alexa, I am your father.’
  • ‘Alexa, that’s no moon.’
  • ‘Alexa, are you a Jedi?’
  • ‘Alexa, he can go about his business.’
  • ‘Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?’
  • ‘Alexa, are you a Sith?’
  • ‘Alexa, it’s a trap!’
  • ‘Alexa, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’
  • ‘Alexa, what’s the Sith code?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is the Jedi code?’
  • ‘Alexa, aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?’
  • ‘Alexa, do…or do not…’
  • ‘Alexa, what are the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field?’
  • ‘Alexa, I want the truth!’
  • ‘Alexa, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?’
  • ‘Alexa, supercalifragilisticexpialodocious.’
  • ‘Alexa, what is your quest?’
  • ‘Alexa, do you know Hal?’
  • ‘Alexa, surely you can’t be serious.’
  • ‘Alexa, who loves ya baby!’
  • ‘Alexa, what happens if you cross the streams?’
  • ‘Alexa, define rock paper scissors lizard spock.’
  • ‘Alexa, show me the money!’
  • ‘Alexa, party on, Wayne!’
  • ‘Alexa, who loves orange soda?’
  • ‘Alexa, where’s the beef?’
  • ‘Alexa, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?’
  • ‘Alexa, I’ll be back.’
  • ‘Alexa, I want to play global thermonuclear war.’
  • ‘Alexa, do you want to build a snowman?’
  • ‘Alexa, what would Brian Boitano do?’
  • ‘Alexa, where is Chuck Norris?’
  • ‘Alexa, what’s the first rule of Fight Club?’
  • ‘Alexa, how do you know so much about swallows?’
  • ‘Alexa, who is the mother of dragons?’
  • ‘Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?’
  • ‘Alexa, volume 11.’ (caution: very loud)
  • ‘Alexa, witness me!’
  • ‘Alexa, what is the second rule of fight club?’
  • ‘Alexa, are we in the Matrix?’
  • ‘Alexa, klattu barada nikto.’
  • ‘Alexa, why so serious?’
  • ‘Alexa, your mother was a hamster!’
  • ‘Alexa, do you feel lucky punk?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is his power level?’
  • ‘Alexa, play it again Sam.’
  • ‘Alexa, you talkin’ to me!’
  • ‘Alexa, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.’
  • ‘Alexa, my name is Inigo Montoya.’
  • ‘Alexa, inconceivable!’
  • ‘Alexa, what is best in life?’
  • ’Alexa, open the pod bay doors!’
  • ‘Alexa, winter is coming.’
  • ‘Alexa, who you gonna call?’
  • ‘Alexa, are you Skynet?’

TV related Alexa commands

If that didn’t scratch your big screen itch, these small screen commands might just make you laugh.

  • ‘Alexa, warp 10.’
  • ‘Alexa, beam me up.’
  • ‘Alexa, Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.’
  • ‘Alexa, set phasers to kill.’
  • ‘Alexa, live long and prosper.’
  • ‘Alexa, Winter is coming.’
  • ‘Alexa, is Jon Snow dead?’
  • ‘Alexa, what does Jon Snow know?’
  • ‘Alexa, who loves orange soda?’
  • ‘Alexa, who is the mother of dragons?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is the first lesson of swordplay?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is your cunning plan? ‘
  • ‘Alexa, fire photon torpedoes.’
  • ‘Alexa, make it so.’
  • ‘Alexa, rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.’
  • ‘Alexa, what is the Prime Directive?’
  • ‘Alexa, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?’
  • ‘Alexa, who loves ya baby?’
  • ‘Alexa, who shot Mr. Burns?’
  • ‘Alexa, all men must die.’
  • ‘Alexa, the night is dark and full of terrors.’
  • ‘Alexa, what do we say to death’
  • ‘Alexa, what is his power level?’
  • ‘Alexa, self destruct!’

Music related Alexa commands

There are lots of music based Alexa commands and these are some of the best.

  • ‘Alexa, is this the real life?’
  • ‘Alexa, what’s the story morning glory?’
  • ‘Alexa, how many roads must a man walk down?’
  • ‘Alexa, who is the real Slim Shady?’
  • ‘Alexa, who let the dogs out?’
  • ‘Alexa, have you heard that the bird is the word?’
  • ‘Alexa, my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.’
  • ‘Alexa, do you believe in life after love?’
  • ‘Alexa, who shot the sheriff?’
  • ‘Alexa, do you know the way to San Jose?’
  • ‘Alexa, Man’s not hot.’
  • ‘Alexa, play that funky music.’
  • ‘Alexa, do you really want to hurt me?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is war good for?’
  • ‘Alexa, Daisy Daisy.’
  • ‘Alexa, I like big butts.’
  • ‘Alexa, tell me what you want, what you really, really want.’
  • ‘Alexa, what is love?’
  • ‘Alexa, what is the loneliest number?’
  • ‘Alexa, why do birds suddenly appear?’
  • ‘Alexa, what’s cooler than being cool?’
  • ‘Alexa, how much is that doggie in the window?’

There are literally hundreds of funny Alexa commands. I have tried to make this list different than other lists but have also included many of our favorite movie, music and TV commands.

Do you have any favorite Alexa commands that I haven’t mentioned here? Tell us about them below if you do!

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