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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Connection Issues/Problems

Galaxy S9 Bluetooth Connection Issues/Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the most powerful smartphone from Samsung currently. Users have been fascinated by the abundance of exciting features and top-notch hardware configuration associated with the phone release.

Despite its incredible functionalities, the Galaxy S9 is not without its problems which are similar to those regularly reported by other Android users.

A peculiar case is the Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issue. Your device might give you the headache of Bluetooth – Wi-Fi incompatibility that causes Internet connectivity problems when your Bluetooth is on.

Other common issues with the Bluetooth might arise with examples like trying to connect to a car audio system or stereo systems with your smartphone.

There are times where the connection can’t seem to be set or where your Galaxy S9 Bluetooth exhibits incompatibility with third-party accessories.

The S9 can occasionally have Bluetooth connection issues with different devices at unexpected times. Often, the solution lies in a software update or the set of steps that we introduce to you below

Clear the Bluetooth Data and Cache

  1. Turn On your device
  2. Scroll to Settings
  3. Click on Application Manager
  4. Toggle right/left to reach the all tabs section
  5. Tap on the Bluetooth icon
  6. Long press to forcefully stop it
  7. Click on ’’Clear Cache’’
  8. Clear Bluetooth data
  9. Click on ’’OK’’
  10. After clearing the data, restart your device

Check the Manuals

  1. Study the manufacturer’s manual for your malfunctioning smartphone and try resetting the connections for both your smartphone and the device or the car
  2. Repeat the steps mentioned earlier and run through them one by one to ensure that you are not missing any vital process to correct the malfunction
  3. Another option is to unpair with the device you cannot connect your Bluetooth with. After doing this, try pairing with the device again and allow any permission requests from the device you want to connect with

Tweak Permissions and Sharing Options

  1. Scroll to Settings and access your Galaxy S9 permission controls
  2. Crosscheck to make sure that no apps are currently denied access
  3. After doing this, scroll over to the Applications
  4. Click on’’Application Manager’’
  5. Locate the MORE icon and tap it
  6. Click on ’’Bluetooth Share’’
  7. Select Force Stop
  8. Turn off the Bluetooth option
  9. Take a few seconds before turning it back on

After going to the processes highlighted above, you can expect your Galaxy S9 Bluetooth problems to be solved. If you continue experiencing the same issues, try using another phone to connect to the same device.

Should same problem occur, then your smartphone is not the problem. If the other phone connects successfully through Bluetooth, we advise you to take your phone to an authorized for service for a checkup.

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Feb 27, 2018

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