Galaxy S9 Deletes Text Messages Automatically – Resolved

There are bound to be surprises when you make the switch from old Samsung device to the Samsung Galaxy S9 if you do not pay attention to the available default settings programmed in your new smartphone.

In today’s blog post, we will be bringing your attention to a particularly annoying situation. It revolves around text messages and how they disappear. 

This issue has been a common occurrence with users that upgraded on their former Galaxy series phones for the Galaxy S9 as most do not know that the new Galaxy smartphones come with an accompanying “Delete Old Messages” feature that is part of the Galaxy S9 default settings.

Preventing Automatic Deletion

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Navigate to the App menu
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Then tap the Application icon on the list
  5. Open the Messages function
  6. Under the Messages function, you have access to all the corresponding messaging features
  7. Select the “More Settings” option to access the Delete Old Messages submenus

If disabled, your messages won’t automatically delete until you have up to one thousand stored text messages. After that your smartphone will start deleting from the oldest messages

If found enabled, make sure you disable the feature. The prevents the old messages from being deleted.

After performing this operation, you can safely exit the submenus. Head back to the Home screen confident in the knowledge that messages are safe.

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