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Galaxy S9: How To Create And Delete Alarm Clock

Galaxy S9: How To Create And Delete Alarm Clock

If you just bought your Samsung Galaxy S9, the chances are that you want to learn how to delete and create an alarm clock feature. The alarm clock feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is good for reminders and early appointments.

It helps you wake up in the morning and keeps you on track with your schedule. The alarm clock feature available on your Galaxy S9 is also fitted with an additional snooze feature. This is in case you want to give yourself some extra minutes of sleep.

With this guide, you will be able to learn how to set, edit, and delete an alarm clock from the Clock app as well as use the snooze feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9.

How to Set Alarm Options on Galaxy S9

You can access the variety of options available on your alarm clock by clicking on the App menu, select Clock, and then proceed to Create. You can customize as much as you feel like in the alarm clock app settings.

  1. Alarm repeat: You can choose the alarm repeat pattern by choosing the specific days you want your alarm to ring out when you check the repeat boxes
  2. Alarm type: You can choose the alarm type you want out of three options namely Vibration, Sound, or both together. Whenever your alarm rings out, it will be any of those options
  3. Time: Navigating through the hour option can cause a change in the time your alarm goes off while the minute option can change the AM/PM schedule as well
  4. Alarm Volume: You can adjust the volume of the alarm ringtone by sliding it left or right according to your preference
  5. Alarm Tone: You can change the type of sound when the alarm rings
  6. Name: You can customize the name of the alarm for the specific activity you want it to remind you of so that when the alarm rings, the name will show up
  7. Snooze: You can enable and disable the snooze feature by clicking in the feature in the alarm clock settings, and even choose the snooze interval between 3-30 minutes and the number of times you want it to be repeated up to 10 times

How to Set Up Snooze On Galaxy S9

The snooze feature on your Samsung Galaxy S9 can be turned on once the alarms stop ringing by holding down the ZZ icon and swiping it in any direction. You can set this up without waiting for the alarm to ring by going to the alarm clock settings.

Delete Alarm on Galaxy S9

You can delete the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy S9 by scrolling to the alarm menu. Simply click on and long press any alarm you want to remove by clicking on Delete.

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