Galaxy S9: How To Turn OFF Message Preview

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 has the popular text message preview that is available on most smartphones. The Message Preview feature works by giving you a preview of a new message that comes in on your phone. It can appear while you are using any app on your device and also when your device is locked, and you have a new message.
The Message preview feature is designed in a way to make it easy for you or anybody holding your phone to be able to read a new message that you receive in your phone and also shows you the name of the sender. To make it better, you can also quickly reply a message just by using the Message Preview feature. Amazing right? Yes!
However, as amazing and efficient it sounds, it can also become a problem and some users of the Galaxy S9 will really like to know how they can switch it off because it is more of an issue to them. If you are not a fan of the Message Preview feature and you will like to know how you can switch it off, then this article is the right one for you.  
Personally, the reason why I like the Message Preview Feature on Galaxy S9 is that it gives you quick access to read and reply an urgent message when you are busy. It really comes in handy in this type of situations.
But the only disadvantage of the Message Preview fixture is the serious privacy concern that a lot of Galaxy S9 users have been complaining about, there are times when you will receive a message that is highly confidential and personal, this is where the Message Preview feature becomes a problem.  

Deactivating The Message Preview Feature On Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Power on your Galaxy S9
  2. Locate Settings and click on Applications
  3. Tap on Messages
  4. Locate Notifications and click on it  
  5. Look for the Preview Message feature; you will see two options: Status Bar and Lock Screen
  6. You will need to unmark the boxes placed beside these two options to deactivate the Preview Message feature.

After you have unmarked the box that you want to switch off, you will not be able to receive message Previews on the option anymore and unchecking both boxes will deactivate the Message Preview feature for your Galaxy S9 Status Bar and lock screen.
That’s all you need to do to ensure that you stop receiving Preview Messages on your Galaxy S9 and if you later decide you want the Message Preview, you just need to follow the same instructions explained above and mark the boxes. From now you can be sure that your messages will remain private and personal to you even when you are not with your Samsung Galaxy S9.

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