The Best Game of Thrones Wallpapers for Your Phone

With Game of Thrones about to wrap up its run on HBO with its eighth and final season in April, it’s the perfect time to deck your phone out with some classic Thrones wallpapers. Whether you got into the show over the last couple of years, you’ve been a diehard watcher since the beginning, or you read the books right as they came out, it’s a big time for Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire fans to celebrate the end of the show (and, perhaps, the only finale to the story they may ever get, if the publication of the novels continues to be on hiatus).

If you’re looking to add a little splash of Thrones flavor to your phone, we’ve got just the thing you want. We’ve gone looking for both great wallpapers and full collections for you to try, with our team of writers scouring the internet looking for what we consider the best, most authentic, or interesting GoT wallpapers and collections. As usual, we’ve linked the websites for credit to each specific site, and you can find the links for our favorite wallpapers and collections below. Let’s dive in.

The Iron Throne

This Iron Throne wallpaper is one of the best Game of Thrones wallpapers for your phone bar none. The quality is excellent, the framing superb and the shadows create quite an atmosphere. If you’re looking for the most identifiable piece of media from the show for your device, you’ve found it.

Imgur: Winter is Coming

This Imgur collection delivers on so many levels. The Winter is Coming wallpapers are great, as are the Fire and Blood and family crests. There’s so many great wallpapers in this collection, and though the source dates back to 2016, most of the wallpapers still hold up for modern devices. From clean sketches to detailed drawings and logos, there’s so many different choices here that you may just end up feeling overwhelmed.

Mobigyaan Collection: You know nothing, Jon Snow

Rather than a single GoT wallpaper, this page has a collection of them, including the Iron Throne one shown above. The quality is excellent, all are in HD, formatted perfectly for your device. There are some great choices here, so many in fact that picking just one may seem impossible.

HBO Wallpapers

HBO themselves offer a series of Game of Thrones wallpapers. They are mainly stills from the various TV shows but include many that aren’t available anywhere else. While the category is titled iPhone wallpapers, you can use them on Android too, they are just images are all.

Android Tutorial collection

The Android Tutorial website has a page full of GoT wallpapers. Some of them I haven’t seen elsewhere and many of them are very good quality. You will have to navigate to the site on your phone and download directly as there is no download option. Aside from that, the page has enough content to satisfy even the most ardent fan.

Wallpapers Craft

Wallpapers Craft is one of my go-to websites for wallpapers of all kinds. It’s good to know it hasn’t let me down here either. It has several pages full of Game of Thrones wallpapers for your phone. Some of them are mediocre, some are garbage but some are seriously good. Like these other sites in the list, there are some here that aren’t available anywhere else which makes it a page worth visiting.

Apple Central

Apple Central has a page of GoT wallpapers too. Each is formatted for mobile and includes stills and renderings from the shows. There are a couple here I have yet to see elsewhere and others that are available on other sites in this list. You may need to resize a couple of them to fit but other than that are ready to go.

Wallpaper Safari

As the name suggests, Wallpaper Safari has quite a few wallpapers for your phone, including a number of good ones for GoT. There are some repeats but there are also a couple that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I particularly like the Black Stag Stout image for House Baratheon. I think the design is excellent and it is currently on my Galaxy S7 until I find something better.

iPhone Wallpapers

Finally, iPhone Wallpapers has a collection of good images from Game of Thrones. A mixture of stills and renderings, all of a high quality and all formatted for phone. While this is an iPhone website, you can use the images on whatever phone you like. There are a couple of particularly good ones on here, especially the one of Daenerys fresh from the fire with her new dragon.

Only a few years ago, having a sword or a dragon as a phone wallpaper would have been unthinkable. Now, it’s nothing. Game of Thrones heralded a revolution. For once, us fantasy geeks weren’t on the outside and our love of swords and sorcery was realized in a mainstream TV show. The fact that TV show gained an audience counted in the hundreds of millions and the original stories were told as close to the books as it is possible for TV to be make it a great time to love the fantasy setting.

Got any Game of Thrones wallpapers for your phone you would like to share? Show us below if you do!

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