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Samsung Gear S4 Watch Review

Samsung Gear S4 Watch Review

Samsung took everyone by surprise last year when they released a new smartwatch. What’s surprising is that they changed the brand name completely. It did not follow the previous pattern, and it was not named Gear S4.

Instead, Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This rebranding can only mean one thing – Samsung is trying to up their game. They are aware of the flaws of the previous Gear models and have thus made sure that everything is better this time around.

One thing has stayed the same, and that is the operating system, Tizen. Read on to find out more about the new Gear S4, now known as the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

First Impressions

The Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched alongside the Galaxy Note 9 near the end of August 2018. A pleasant surprise was a drop in price compared to the S3 release.

There is a 42mm version in Rose Gold and Midnight Black variants. The 46mm version comes in silver edition and is slightly more expensive. There is also the LTE version of this watch in both sizes, but it costs considerably more. The design changes seem pleasant because the Samsung Galaxy Watch now resembles a proper wristwatch.

The core smartwatch software is very good and the battery life is extraordinary. It is an overall improvement compared to the Gear S3, but it has some minor flaws. They include a subpar wireless charger and a lack of app support.



Unlike Apple watches, the Samsung Galaxy Watch actually looks like a real watch. This means that you can match it better with more outfits, and it definitely doesn’t look like a toy. The watch is very durable and operational, despite sporting quite a lavish and exquisite style.

The bezel is rotating and the screen is circular, resembling a classic wristwatch. The screen refreshes quite rapidly and is ready to use at will. Of the two already mentioned sizes, the 46mm variant seems like a better fit, and it is more practical.

Anyone with a medium size wrist can wear it. Its pluses are a bigger screen and a better battery. Users with tiny wrists may prefer the 42mm, but both versions are fine and unisex, of course.

There are many color variants for the straps, and they are interchangeable if you want to mix things up.  The screen is very colorful and bright, which is great for running. It is also very durable, and Samsung guarantees the display won’t get scratched.

samsung watch

Buttons and Weight

Samsung did a good job with the buttons by placing two of them to the right of the case. It is a smart design because smart watch buttons are prone to accidental pressing, especially while you run.

The weight of the 42mm variant is 49g and the 46mm variant is 63g. It doesn’t seem like a big difference on paper, but if you wear it all day, you will notice. It is the only reason why you might consider opting for the lighter version.

You will want to wear this watch even while you sleep because it has great capabilities for tracking sleep. It will take some time to get used to it, but it is worth it.


The battery of the 46mm version is something everyone is excited about. Its capacity measures 472mAh, while the 42mm version only has 270mAh. In simpler terms, the battery can endure up to three days in the smaller variant, while the big one can endure a whopping five days.

The processor on every version of the Galaxy Watch is a 1.15 GHz dual-core chipset and the storage space is 4 gigabytes. The LTE version packs more ram, 1.5 gigabytes, while the Bluetooth versions only pack 768 megabytes.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch runs Tizen 4.0, which works well with all phones iPhone iOS 9 and newer and Android 5.0 and above. The interface is great; you can navigate it quickly and easily. However, just like on the previous models, Tizen is awful in terms of support of third-party apps.

You have to use the Samsung native apps. Samsung Health stands out because it is what the manufacturers have focused on the most. It manages your breathing and stress levels for many indoor and outdoor activities, such as yoga, running, lifting, push-ups, and many others.

Sleep tracking is not bad, but again, this is a bulky watch. Bixby, which is the voice assistant this watch comes with, is also lacking, same as with the previous models.

The Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is definitely the best Samsung watch so far. The design looks great, the battery life is amazing, and it is a breath of fresh air compared to the competition. This watch definitely has some flaws, but they are not that big of a deal.

In case you are an Android phone owner, getting this watch wouldn’t be a bad idea for pairing them together. iPhone users can get it as well, but they are more likely to get an Apple watch. The choice is up to you, like always.

Based on this overview, do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Watch is worth getting? Have you used any of the earlier Samsung watches? If so, what were your impressions? Let us know in the comments below.

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