Will Netflix or Amazon Pick Up Hap and Leonard for Season 4?

Will there be a Hap and Leonard season 4 on Netflix or Amazon Prime? Will any streaming service pick up this underdog hit for another season? Is it really the end of this unlikely TV show?

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Hap and Leonard is a period piece set in the 1980s that pitches an unlikely couple together in a series of adventures and sort-of bromance. Hap Collins played by James Purefoy and Leonard Pine played by Michael Kenneth Williams are down on their luck guys who are just looking for a break. A series of adventures as a result of some ill-advised actions fills three seasons of a feelgood TV series that is as harmless as it is entertaining.

The news that season three was going to be the last was missed by the many who also missed the TV show but didn’t go down well with those that know. So is there gold at the end of that rainbow?

Hap and Leonard season 1

Season 1 sees us meet the guys and Hap’s ex-wife Trudy played by Christina Hendricks. Both men are fired from their plantation jobs and need to make some money. Trudy comes up with a plan to find sunken treasure in the Deep South and things go downhill from there.

Hap is an ex-con who still loves his ex-wife and Leonard is a gay Vietnam veteran with a short fuse and no patience for anything. These two unlikely friends try to find the treasure while surviving in a challenging and often grim, environment. Using chemistry, banter and some very good writing, you are drawn in from the very first episode into a slowly evolving story.

Hap and Leonard season 2

Hap and Leonard season 2 begins with the pair uncovering the remains of a child buried underneath Leonard’s uncle’s house. The police think Leonard committed the crime and have to rely on their smart lawyer Florida Grange played by Tiffany Mack to get them out of jail. As so often happens, the only way to clear their name is to solve the case themselves.

This season is slightly grittier but still has the great interplay between Hap and Leonard and the banter between them. A solid supporting cast and great writing ensures this season is just as entertaining as the first.

Hap and Leonard season 3

Hap and Leonard season 3 begins with Leonard standing on the roof of a crack den wearing a red furred Stetson and pouring gasoline down the chimney. Hap pulls up in his car and the story begins. Leonard is arrested for the crime but Hap does a deal with the police to go undercover in the Klu Klux Klan to find their missing lawyer from season 2, Florida Grange.

As you would expect, things don’t go quite to plan and the two work through the six episodes trying to make things right.

It’s very difficult to describe Hap and Leonard without offering spoilers but I think you get the gist of it by now. It’s an excellent piece about two men played by very talented actors. The script is strong, the setting authentic and the period element of the late eighties lends another layer to an openly gay character with a very short temper. The action is excellent and those quiet moments where the two decompress and bicker or just chat is just as entertaining.

Hap and Leonard season 4

SundanceTV said there would be no Hap and Leonard season 4. Despite the first three seasons going down very well indeed with fans, it is currently not being renewed. A tweet from the author of the books the show was adapted from, Joe Lansdale tweeted:

‘Hap and Leonard officially canceled. Sundance’s highest rated show, 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Three Seasons wraps it up, dudes. It was an honor to have worked with the folks on the show, actors, crew, writers,…’

The show was arguably SundanceTV’s biggest hit and went down with fans, critics and the audience at large. Nobody has ever adequately explained why the show was canned. It doesn’t make sense from a fan’s point of view. It was popular, very well reviewed and almost universally lauded. Yet here we are.

At the time of writing, neither SundanceTV, Netflix or Amazon Prime have said anything about bringing the show back. There are more books to adapt so it isn’t as if there is no source material and there is still an appetite for something more meaningful and that isn’t afraid to tackle important issues.

With both Netflix and Amazon Prime seeming willing to take on previous lost causes, I and many others like me hope someone notices Hap and Leonard and decides to take it on. Three seasons is way to short a time for such a strong show!

30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Pick Up Hap and Leonard for Season 4?”

Avatar Hap moran says:
Best show ever this is what America needs
Avatar Lucy says:
I just watched all 3 seasons back to back and need more please. It’s a good show. I love Hap and Leonard’s friendship so awesome! Please we need season 4 and more
Avatar Southeast Sav says:
Gave the show a shot since I read the books and when I tell you I seen the best chemistry and acting between Hap and Leonard that made you think it was real Life story you were watching. Could not believe this show was cancelled and haven’t picked up yet. I know the show didn’t get a lot of promotion that it deserved so many people didn’t get to know this great show bless you stumbled upon it on a rainy day of Netflix. But really show is amazing and so different from your basic detective or drama shows.
Avatar taitsky7 says:
Somebody PLEASE dp season 4 and beyond??
Avatar Gina Mello says:
I love it!!!! Please pick it up!!!
Avatar Josh says:
Amazing show and creativity. The characters are perfect. Please bring it back
Avatar Dee says:
Just finished binging this on Netflix. I hope season 4 gets picked up by Netflix or Amazon, such a great show!
Avatar MsUtility says:
Love this show! Please bring it back!
Avatar DARCELL HAYES says:
This is such a great show, I understand why they canceled it, things seem to be too real relating to race, that’s when these shows have problems staying on the air because it has real moments. They did the same thing with the “The underground” it was very good show but it was about slavery and they didn’t like that it showed what really happened during that time.
Please bring hap and Leonard back I can’t get enough of that show, I’m going to go back and watch the three seasons
Avatar Della says:
Season 4 vote!!! Bring it on!! Very good acting and sincere issues.
Avatar David says:
‪Come on Netflix and pick up this great show. It already has a loyal following and on your platform it would definitely draw even more viewership. It would be very easy to write considering there are multiple books that already lay the stories out. Superb acting from both Michael K. Williams and James Purefoy. This show has Netflix’s name all over it. #SaveHapAndLeonard ‬
Avatar Justin Rhoden says:
I would hope Netflix would pick it up for more seasons. It was a very good show and Netflix has shown they will pick most shows up that do well after they cancel on a third or fourth season. #BringbackHapandLeanord!
Avatar jovonneb says:
The show made the white execs feel uncomfortable at Sundance. I doubt Netflix or Amazon is any different. Its only reality.
Avatar West says:
I hope someone picks this show up it’s very good show
Avatar Lorraine says:
Great show and a bit of everything
Avatar Pam says:
What a great show! Netflix please pick it up!
Avatar Don says:
Great show. Both Gritty and funny. Someone please save it.
Avatar Don says:
There are so many bad shows out there, but Hap and Leonard stood out for it’s charm and strong subject matters. It needs to picked up and come back. COME ON NETLIX / PRIME / HULU……………
Avatar Jane Logan says:
Please reconsider! This is an entertaning show
Avatar Cynthia Merkey says:
Wonderful show. Why does this always happen? Come on Amazon or Netflix.
Avatar Ann Merriam says:
What a damn shame! Can’t believe Happy and Leonard was cancelled, why? Best series on television. This is a crock.
Avatar Charlotte says:
Hap and Leonard was one of the most intriguing shows on tv. I don’t understand why Sundance would cancel a great show.
Avatar Jr says:
Hap and Leonard was really good I’m pissed this sucks I sure hope Netflix picks it up
Avatar Anthony Kennard says:
The interaction of these two characters and the deep plots and twists make for great television. Hap and Leonard deserve to return as the program is an excellent metaphor for society . But it is still entertaining.
Avatar Adreene Harper says:
We want more Hap & Leonard! Loved this series.
Avatar Bill says:
One of the best TV Shows of this Decade, and it needs more seasons.
Avatar Mr: Bro says:
Yo evening why wanna cancel this good and cool show about two Brothers fighting the system and people mentally you do not see enough of that and I don’t see enough and WE want more of Hup and launerd Bro’s
And thanks Netflix to bring the show on.
Avatar Gary B. says:
Absolutely ! This show needs to be revisited by Netflix or Prime. Captains Outrageous is a perfect 4th season. Please don’t let this die.
Avatar Loretta says:
Picked the show at random and was so impressed! Sure wish it would get picked up for more seasons.
Avatar Lindsey Hornby says:
This needs a 4th season without question. Fact.
Avatar Tracy says:
We need tv adaptions of all those books, I’ve just binged all three seasons and was most impressed with every single aspect!
Avatar Justin says:
I absolutely agree. I’m thankful for Netflix that I even came across this extremely entertaining series.

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