How to Change Galaxy S8 Text Message Ringtone

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 built-in text messaging app can be personalized to notify you with both an audio signal and a vibration pattern, every time when you’re getting a new message. In this tutorial, we’re going to introduce you to the first part of the equation, how to change Galaxy S8 text message ringtone. Just bear in mind that the instructions that we are about to show you will only apply to the default app on your smartphone. If you’re using a third-party texting app, the steps might vary.


How to set a new message ringtone

If you don’t like the sound your smartphone makes when you get a new message, you should know that there are plenty of other notification sounds that you can choose from. They are all sitting on your device just as we speak, waiting for you to surf through them and pick a better one. These are the so-called pre-installed sounds, that come on the device from the factory. While you can also use other audio files stored on your smartphone and set them as custom text message ringtones on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, we will first focus on your pre-installed sounds:

  1. Launch the Messages app;
  2. Go to its upper-right corner and tap on the More label;
  3. From the context menu that will show up, select Settings;
  4. Tap on Notifications;
  5. Tap on Notification Sound;
  6. Under this new window, you will see the list of pre-installed sound files;
  7. Tap on each of them and you will hear a preview of that sound;
  8. When you have decided for your favorite new text message ringtone, just tap OK and exit the menus.


As you can see, the instructions are pretty straight-forward. Nevertheless, we cannot end this tutorial without bringing to your attention a particular issue that many other users have asked about.

Have you come to the Notifications section under the Messaging settings and you found it grayed out? This can only mean that your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus is set to use another messaging app, a third-party app that you probably downloaded from the Play Store, as the default app. At this point, if you want to be able to use the instructions from our tutorial, you will have to adjust your preferences and label the Samsung messaging app as the default option.

Otherwise, you’re free to explore that third-party app and find out on your own how to change Galaxy S8 text message ringtone.


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