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How To Enable Data Saver In Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Does it ever happen to you to recharge your data plan with high hopes that you will make it until the end of the month only to discover you’re having a zero balance around the middle of the month?

You’re thinking that you didn’t even get to use the Internet data so much, but aren’t you forgetting something? If your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus is running a lot of apps in the background, this is one perfect way to waste your data plan if you don’t control it with reasonable limits and warnings about reaching the monthly cap.

What’s worse is that even when you’re planning to set up a limit and better control the apps that are using your data in the background, you can simply forget to do so. To make your life easier, the latest update Android 7.0 Nougat brought in a couple of cool features and functionalities. One of them is the Data Saver feature, something that could help you save a lot of mobile data and enjoy this recent operating system version to its fullest potential.

Coming up next, we’d like to share with you the essentials of Data Saver. From what is it and why use it to how to activate it, we’ll cover it all.


What is the new Data Saver on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus?

As mentioned, Data Saver is one of the latest additions to the Android 7.0 Nougat OS version. The name is more than suggestive; the smart feature will train your smartphone to use less mobile data and will keep a close eye on it for better control.

When you have a limited amount of data, you are always worried about your Internet connection. You want to block all apps from background data usage and, also essential, you want to block any kind of updates or data use when dealing with a metered connection.

Data Saver will do all that for you and then some more. Aside from blocking the background data usage, it will also communicate with those apps and instruct them to consume less data whenever possible. With your mobile connection, it will be fully active, monitoring every single attempt of using data, while with a wireless network it will let the apps do their work.

There are two obvious observations we can make at this point. The feature, working with every cellular data plan out there, the prepaid services included, can be extremely helpful with everyday use, but mostly when traveling abroad. It will save you a lot of money.

On the other hand, this harsh control will prevent some apps – those that really need the internet to do their job – from functioning properly. If that’s the case, you can obtain extended permissions for particular apps, by adding them to a so-called whitelist. Any user can create this whitelist and add whatever apps he or she will see fit. All the whitelisted apps will be able to run in the background anytime and use the Internet without any kind of restrictions.


The 5 steps to activating the Data Saver in Galaxy S8 and Galax S8 Plus

If you like everything you’ve read so far about the Data Saver feature, you must be interested in using it right away. Since it isn’t a default option, you will have to follow a couple of simple steps before you actually get to enjoy it:

  1. Swipe down the Notification shade;
  2. Tap on the Settings icon at the top right corner;
  3. Access the Data Usage option under the Wireless and Network section;
  4. From the Data Usage menu, select the Data Saver option – switch the toggle to On;
  5. Before you leave the settings, take one minute to select the unrestricted data usage, telling the Data Saver what apps can have complete freedom of using the internet.


From now on, the feature will stay active and you can get back here anytime you want, either to adjust the permissions or to deactivate the feature.


The not-so-obvious reasons for using the Data Saver on Galaxy S8

Without a doubt, this is an extremely useful addition to the latest OS version. It blocks the background data usage and limits all the apps on your computer, doing a much better job than you could ever do manually.

In case you’re telling yourself that you’ve seen this feature before, on other Android devices, and that you know it well, don’t do that. Believe us, the Data Saver came with some significant improvements that you really don’t want to miss out!

So, if it’s not a matter of saving money to you – though cellular data is not necessarily cheap – you might be interested in other benefits. One of them is that by limiting the number of apps who work on their own in the background, you should save the battery of your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus and notice that it works significantly better from now on.

Moreover, the Data Saver can help you in many instances when you download apps that would take up many system resources without even anticipating how much will those apps use your Internet. The games that you take from the Play Store, for instance, should be thoroughly controlled by the Data Saver, which is a great thing!



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