How To Fix Camera Failed Problem On LG V30

A broken camera is not an uncommon occurrence on the LG V30, much to the dismay of its owners. It would seem that this problem happens only after a few days of regular use. When this happens, the LG V30 promptly notifies its user with a very unpleasant message – “Warning: Camera Failed” – and moments after, the camera stops functioning completely. You might think that rebooting the device or reverting it to its factory settings will fix the issue but it is just an exercise in futility.  Luckily, we found a couple of fixes to address a camera failed problem on LG V30.

How to Fix LG V30 Camera Failed Problem:

  • First fix is to try and restart the LG V30. You can try this method by pressing and holding the “Power” and “Home” button simultaneously for about 7 seconds until the phone powers down and vibrates.
  • The second fix is to go to Settings, open the Application manager and then go to the Camera app. Click on Force stop, clear data and clear cache.
  • The third fix is to clear the cache partition by turning off the smartphone, and then hold and press the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. After that, release all the buttons and wait for the Android system recovery screen to appear. Select Wipe Cache partition using the Volume key and press the Power key to pick the option.

If the camera issues still persist on your LG V30 after performing all of the fixes mentioned above, then it is highly recommended that you contact the retailer or LG store and ask for a replacement due to the faulty camera.

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