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How To Get Emojis On LG V30

How To Get Emojis On LG V30

The style of sending messages have changed during the past few years, all thanks to the emergence of emojis. As one of the latest high-end Android device of this year, the LG V30 is most likely to have support for emojis. The following instructions will guide you on how to get the LG V30 Emojis to show. Don’t worry if emojis are nowhere to be found on your LG V30. It is very common that people are having trouble in making new Emojis show up on their LG V30.
There are several reasons that can be attributed to why Emojis are not appearing on the LG V30. One of the main causes is that you do not have the proper software installed which supports these Emojis. This is because certain Emojis can only be seen through certain software. On the LG V30, you can get to several Emojis by simply accessing the keyboard “Menu” and then pressing “Insert Smiley.”

Check the Operating System on your LG V30

Whenever you see other owners an LG V30 have access to new Emojis, the best thing to do is to check if there has been a recent system update. To see if there is a pending system update, first go to Menu and then to Settings, then More, then System Update, then Update LG Software, and then Check Now to see if a new update is available. If there is a newly released system update, you can update the software by simply following the prompts provided in order to update to the latest version of Android.

Different Software used on LG V30 phones

Another source of the problem on why Emojis won’t appear on the LG V30 is because the software that the other person uses does not match with the software being run by your LG V30. This usually happens when a third-party texting app has emojis that are incompatible with the default Android texting app installed on the LG V30. If you have not installed the same third-party app on your device, then the Emojis will not display properly. The most appropriate course of action would be to request the other person who is sending the emojis to use a another set of Emojis which are compatible with your LG V30.

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Oct 30, 2017

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