How To Make A DVD “Screen Saver”

“Screen saver” style imagery is nothing new on television sets as the sets and console DVD players themselves have had them for years. However they’re all boring. The most you’ll see is the logo of the company who made the DVD player or television and not much else, if anything.

Using Windows Live Movie Maker Beta, it’s easy to create your own DVD that is “screen saver” style. All it takes is a blank disc, some high-quality large photos (acquired easily via Google Images), and you can create a video like this easily.

A video of this type is nice to have because it looks much better than a black screen. This is arguably one of the easiest home improvement projects there is because you’re essentially turning your television into a large digital picture frame – with the bonus that all this costs you is one blank disc and about a hour’s worth of your time.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A DVD “Screen Saver””

Avatar Car DVD Players says:
I love this. I love my DVD players.
Avatar Matt says:
I never understood the purpose of a screensaver for a TV or DVD player.
Avatar Aaron Fournier says:
I guess it's good mostly for presentational purposes. Having a screensaver is also good for a TV or DVD player to prevent screen burn-in.

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