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How To Switch ON/OFF Autocorrect On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Switch ON/OFF Autocorrect On Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The idea behind the auto correct feature is to assist you in fixing typographical errors and other spelling errors when typing on your Note 8. However, some users have complained about the auto correct feature when it decides to fix words that are correct. Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8owners find this annoying, and they are interested in knowing how to disable this feature.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 allows you to deactivate the autocorrect feature permanently or just when you are typing words that are correct and you do not need its help to fix. You can make use of the instruction below to know how to disable the autocorrect feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How to switch OFF/ON autocorrect on Samsung Note 8:

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Go to a screen that will make the keyboard pop up.
  3. Beside the left ‘Space Bar’ press and hold down the ‘Dictation key.”
  4. Then tap on the ‘Settings’ icon option
  5. Under the ‘Smart Typing’ section, click on ‘Predictive text’ and deactivate it.
  6. You can also deactivate other settings like the auto-capitalization option and punctuation marks.


If you later need to use the autocorrect option for your typing, all you need to do is to use the same steps above and activate it by switching it ON.

It’s important to point out that for owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using an alternative keyboard that you downloaded from Google Play Store, the process of activating and deactivation the autocorrect feature might be a lit bit different depending on the keyboard interface.


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