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How To Use Calculator App On Sony Xperia XZ

How To Use Calculator App On Sony Xperia XZ

A great feature that comes already installed on the Xperia XZ is the Calculator App. The Xperia XZ scientific calculator does a great job in helping in times that you need to do mathematics.

In the past, you would need to download an app to use the Sony Xperia XZ as a calculator.

Instead you can now just use a widget as a small shortcut that you add to the home screen of Xperia XZ. It looks like an app icon, but it will turn your smartphone as a calculator.

This guide will teach you how to use the calculator on the Xperia XZ with it’s built in widget and easily use feature on your Xperia XZ.


How To Use Calculator On Sony Xperia XZ

If you want to use the calculator on the Xperia XZ, you must first enable your smartphone to be able to rotate the screen. You can do this by activating “Rotate screen” on the status bar. The following will help you use the Sony Xperia XZ as a calculator by first turning on your smartphone. Then if the smartphone is held transversely the scientific calculator automatically appears on the display which also allows calculations with root, sine, tangent and Cosine, and other mathematic functions.


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