How To Use Secret Mode On Galaxy S9

There are quite a number of pre-installed apps that your Galaxy S9 has come with and you are pretty much wondering if you are going to be able to use them all. Well, if there is an app that I am sure you will make full use of is the browser. The standard browser has a lot of impressive and practical features. These will make you think twice before choosing to install more browsers such as the Opera Mini, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
In our guide today, we are not going to show you how to use the standard browser. Because as the name suggests, it is quite standard and its usage is simply basic knowledge. What we are going to show you, however, is how you can navigate through its anonymous mode. It is one of its thrilling features. The anonymous mode is like the incognito mode on some browsers such as Chrome. So, if you have used incognito mode you should be familiar with its workings. The Anonymous mode similarly is used to hide the browsing history. Also, it hides any other browsing data that might leave a trail behind such as cookies.
If you want to get to the settings so as to activate the anonymous mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, you only need to launch the browser then head directly to its settings. From there you should stumble upon the anonymous setting. The following steps will guide you through this process.

How To Browse Privately on Galaxy S9

  1. Launch your standard web/internet browser
  2. In the browser app, look to the bottom right corner or the Tabs and tap on it
  3. In the left corner at the bottom, tap on the Turn on Secret option

As soon as you turn on Secret, you should be able to navigate through the anonymous mode. You may also set up a password for the Secret mode as you go.
If you want a better understanding of what you just enabled on your device then here is an explanation for you. Activating the Secret mode means that you will be surfing the internet through untraceable web pages as an anonymous web user on your default web browser. The Secret mode previously called the Anonymous mode on all devices before  Android Lollipop. If you ever want anything you browse to remain a secret, always use the Secret mode.
For you who were more familiar with the Anonymous mode, you might need to download and install third-party browsers such as Dolphin Zero. From what we know, Dolphin Zero has become a very popular alternative to many web browsers using Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. Before if you can get hold of the Dolphin Zero, just get used the Secret Mode on your default Galaxy S9 web browser.

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