How To Use The Selfie Flash On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

One of the significant things you should know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is that the camera resolution ability has been reduced. The megapixel of the camera that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is 12-megapixel compared to an older version of the Galaxy S6 that has a camera of 16-megapixel.
However, do not let this news get you worried because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has an enhanced camera quality compared to an older version because it has few but larger pixels.
One of the advantages of this innovation is that it is now more comfortable for the autofocus feature to pick and lock the target when taking a shot with your camera.
Many people that are already using the camera on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been impressed with the quality of the images it captures.
However, there is a bit of a drawback with the front camera because it does not have a LED flash, but that should not discourage you because you can still capture and take amazing pictures using a LED flash. The name of this app is called the Selfie flash, and it was designed to work like the iPhone screen flash. Apple introduced this idea, and Samsung has copied it to make it work for their Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
There are things you should know about the Selfie flash and how it works. I will explain below

  1. The Selfie Flash is an app that supports only the front camera
  2. The Selfie flash works by turning your device screen to white for a few seconds; this white light will illuminate your face to capture your face
  3. The selfie will become brighter, and the front camera will do the rest
  4. The light produced from the screen is actually better and brighter than what the Apple devices can produce
  5. Also, there are other features like the Beauty Mode and the Motion Photos that you can apply on your pictures to make it more amazing and astonishing
  6. There is also preinstalled powerful editing software on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that makes the picture to be cleaner and better.

There are a lot of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners that are not aware of this feature because it is not well known and because this is the first time that Samsung will be adding to the features on their smartphone.
If you have any question about this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can post it, and I will be glad to assist as soon as possible. You should also watch out for more articles about the fantastic features on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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