Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Imposters for Season 3?

Posted by Jamie on May 16, 2019

TV seems to have an unending love affair with con artists. The lowest of the low in real life but we cannot seem to get enough of them on screen. Imposters is an example of that love but a very good one. The show manages to feature con artists but be compelling and funny at times too. With the news that season 2 was the last almost a year ago, is there any hope that Netflix will pick up Imposters?

I’m afraid I don’t think they will pick it up. Even though seasons 1 and 2 are currently performing well on Netflix, I don’t think it has the appeal or the following to make Netflix want to pick it up. It has been a year since Bravo canned it and nothing has yet happened. Netflix usually moves faster than that.

Imposters TV show

Imposters follows a beautiful con artist called Maddie who also goes by the name of Ava, Alice and CeCe. She travels the country marrying wealthy men, ripping them off and disappearing. It is nothing we haven’t seen before but the quality script, good acting, well cast stars and element of humor adds an extra something to the show.

The lovely Inbar Lavi plays Maddie the con artists. Co-stars Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Marianne Rendón, Stephen Bishop, Brian Benben, Katherine LaNasa and Ray Proscia as The Doctor are all credible in their roles and offer the texture and flavor we look for in a TV show like this. Uma Thurman also appears, which adds some extra star quality.

Inbar Lavi plays the sultry con artist exceptionally well. Both aware of how men see her and both annoyed by it and willing to use it against them. Sometimes you forget that this isn’t a romantic comedy and that she isn’t falling in love with these men but everything is calculated and planned to deliver a specific result.

Imposters season 1

Imposters season 1 is made up of 10 episodes that sets the scene and introduces the main protagonists. We see Maddie in her first and second relationships and see three characters team up to track her down and bring her to justice. Maddie may actually have feelings for one character which complicates her search for a new mark and her boss, The Doctor has to step in.

It’s a well written series with some dramatic elements, suspenseful elements and some darkly funny scenes. It may be about con artists but it is also about people and there is a lot here we can all relate to.

Imposters season 2

Imposters season 2 continues where season 1 left off with the three guys no longer marks but in deep themselves. Everything is backwards, with Maddie trying to lead a normal life while avoiding The Doctor and the three guys enjoying their own new way of life.

There is a lot of backfilling in this season with each character receiving backstory to fill out their character. It is also about the consequences of actions and a little self-reflection. Meanwhile The Doctor is out for revenge and everyone has to stay ahead of him to stay alive.

It is obvious that Imposters didn’t expect to end at season 2 as there are a lot of loose ends and story elements left unexplained. Nevertheless, it’s a decent season that will likely leave you wanting more.

Bravo said they cancelled Imposters because of the low ratings of season 2. Season one did exceptionally well and that caused the commission of season 2. For some reason, those figures fell, which led Bravo to can the series completely.

Will Netflix pick up Imposters?

As good as the writing was and as good as the acting was, I don’t think Netflix will pick up Imposters. I enjoyed both seasons and would watch more but it was popcorn TV. In one eye and out the other leaving very little behind. It was clever, funny in places and an easy watch but memorable it was not.

There are lots of crime shows, lots of shows about con artists or cat and mouse and Imposters didn’t have anything those other shows don’t have. There isn’t enough different and not enough stands out to warrant more.

That’s a shame I agree but I can understand where Netflix might be coming from by not renewing the series yet. There are fresher ideas, newer shows and better recipes to play with and I personally don’t think Imposters had enough to warrant taking it further. I may be wrong of course but a year is a long time in TV. Too long to stay silent and too long to expect fans to wait around for a renewal.

What did you think of Imposters? Want to see more? Enough was enough? Tell us your thoughts below!

30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Imposters for Season 3?”

TO says:
There are so many terrible shows out there so it is sad when the good one’s like Imposters get cancelled and not picked up by anyone else. What do you need to see to make this happen – put it out there and let the fans decide!
Kristine says:
Netflix pick up Imposters please! It is so good with all the twists and turns. There is nothing else like it on.
Jesse L Whittenton says:
The story will be challenging to make it through a 3rd season, but the writers’ talent has already shown that they have the stuff to make a Season 3 successful. Bring it back soon.
Brennie says:
I loved Imposters. I am so disappointed that It was canceled. I found it very entertaining and loved the characters. I couldn’t stop watching. Puzzling why Netflix or Amazon have not picked it up. Come on guys! Give us season 3!
laurie says:
Absolutely loved the show and I don’t want to be left with a cliffhanger from season two. The show was very entertaining and the acting was great
Melony Cunningham says:
I would love to see Imposters again!
Christine Tynan says:
I loved it! it was great funny dramatic and at time romantic sorta- the acting cast was so great together it really worked..I would love to see where they go!
Pam Pedraza says:
Make season 3 happen!
Beth says:
Fingers crossed that they BRING IMPOSTERS BACK for a season 3! What a great show…like NOTHING else on tv!
Janeane Reagan says:
Netflix give us the 3d season. It has been one of my favorites, just the right amount of drama and comedy. I want to see what happens next.
Sanford says:
Imposters is both drama and comedy combined in the best possible way. The cast was great together. I feel there are more adventures to tell.
Amazon or Netflix should definitely pick it up.
Shannon snook says:
I just watched both seasons in a couple of weeks I have been waiting And doubt that there was more seasons when I started it I didn’t look ahead you have to pick this up Netflix this is a good show and I have other people other of my friends watching it they will be very disappointed and so will I if you do not continue
Trish says:
After binging Season 1, I could barely wait until Season 2 started. So sad there wont be a season 3…it was light, and funny and very entertaining. Bring it back!
Al says:
My wife and I just binge-watched both seasons over the past week. Absolutely loved it. Fell in love with the quirky characters, exciting story-lines, and the amazing teamwork and chemistry between Ezra, Richard and the endlessly interesting Jules. We were so happy that the very likable Ezra found love with stunningly beautiful Rosa, but had hoped Jules and Richard and Maddie and Patrick would hook up too in the end.

There are seemingly more than enough loose ends, unexplored love triangles, and hinted-at future cons to sustain multiple additional seasons!

Miguel says:
Wonderful show. It felt like the writers were just getting started.
ארי says:
Very disappointed that there is no third season. He hopes Netflix will return him for a third season
Jaque says:
Loved this show. Couldn’t get enough. Would be great to have a season 3.
Michael Cohen says:
Dear Netflix, please please PLEASE pick up this show!
Johanna says:
OMG I cannot believe they have cancelled this show! I am only part way through season two and I love it! The only reason I think there is a valid reason for cancelling is “where do they go from here?” Right? They can’t hide forever. I am just not sure how much farther you can take these characters. But I love this show.
Jess says:
I just Found this on Netflix and seriously bummed no season 3.
Finished 2 seasons in four days. And now what? What the hell happened here.
Rose says:
Got hooked and couldn’t stop watching Imposters. Finished season 2 and was hoping for more and there wasn’t any. Very disappointed and hoping it will be continued somehow by Netflix!
The Imposters was an awesome show. How can there not be a season 3. So many loose ends. We never heard of this before this summer and we watched the two seasons in 2 weeks. I have been telling everyone about this show. So many of our friends are hooked too, Please make a season 3…..we are addicted!
Briana Windmuller says:
Please please Netflix pick up imposters! I AN ADDICTED, LOVE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME! Come on Netflix, please keep my subscription by bringing them back!
Movieeock says:
Best show ever Binge watched this weekend
Amber L Fitzgerald says:
I originally watched Imposters on Bravo and was immediately hooked, was excited for season two and got hooked even more, have waited a year for season three to hear it has been cancelled. I’m disappointed! I’m tired of these networks getting you hooked on a new show then cancelling it leaving you hanging, just another tease. Imposters was a great show, different, exciting, and parts that had you on the edge of your seat. I do not have Netflix, but if they picked the show up for season three, season four, I would absolutely order Netflix. Netflix, you’re my only hope and clearly several people agree too, bring back Imposters.
Julie says:
I just watched both season 1 and 2 this week. I never heard of it before that….just found it on Netflix a week ago. I love it and have been recommending it to people I know. I’ll be sad if there is no season 3.
William Almond says:
I actually disagree with the last few premises of this article. I feel the content was original, and there isn’t anything in TV like it now or in recent memory.
I thought the writing and acting were incredibly well do e and I’m disappointed there won’t be a 3rd season.
I didn’t watch this on Bravo…never even heard of it. But I watched it on Netflix in less than 3 days. It was awesome.
I sure hope Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up a 3rd season because I definitely was left wanting more.
Chris says:
completely agree. make a season 3. I keep checking to see if there is an update. Seems there are many others doing the same.
Dan Corbisello says:
Lisa A Parra says:
Bring back the gang!
Cathy Babino says:
Recently got Firestick TV so I could get Netflix for Designated Survivor. So now I’ve watched 17 different series and was looking for a new one. Well I just watched Imposters Season1 and was hooked. Starting Season 2 but was hoping to see a Season 3 update. To my surprise I found it was canceled. After reading all the great comments I had to give one of my own. Please give a second thought to renew it.
ML Monheim says:
I think Imposters deserves a season three. Great show. Netflix just do it.
Kathryn Shaw says:
How can this not have a season 3 with everyone finding out about the series on Netflix now and finally seeing it? Netflix is the best platform for shows to have exposure and now Netflix please make season 3 happen!
John F says:
I just binged both seasons over the past week. Loved it! Bring them back Netflix!
Donna Pendergrass says:
Imposters is an exceptional show. Please bring it back! I can promise you 3rd season will be amazing if you advertise a little on Facebook and instagram… people will Binge watch and crave a season 3. Do a poll! Bring it back!

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