iPhone 10 Touch Screen Unresponsive

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

Some users of the new iPhone 10 have been complaining about the screen of their smartphone. The main issue is that some parts of the screen do not respond to touch which makes it very difficult to operate the smartphone. Sometimes you will need to press repeatedly before it works and this can be very frustrating.

The purpose of this article is to let you know practical ways that you can use to repair the touch screen of your iPhone 10.

The bottom part of the screen is the common area that this issue has been reported to affect and this makes some of the users to work around it by changing the position of the default icons that are placed at the bottom of the screen so that they can have access to them.

However, this is not a lasting solution and considering the price of the iPhone 10, every owner should be able to fully enjoy the device. Below I will explain the reasons why you are experiencing this issue on your iPhone 10 and how to solve it.

Causes for iPhone 10 Touch Screen Not Working

  1. The shipping process can sometimes be rigorous, which can cause damage to the screen of the iPhone 10 because of several bumping that the device had experienced before it was delivered
  2. Another cause of the touch screen issue is a software glitch from Apple, and they sometimes release updates to tackle issues like this, but the only drawback is that you can’t say when an update that will fix the issue will be available

Before you decide to restore your iPhone 10 back to factory settings, ensure that you have backed up all the files that you can’t afford to lose on your smartphone. There is a comprehensive guide that you can use to understand everything you need to about how you can backup the data on your iPhone 10 and how to properly backup your files.

Methods to Fix iPhone 10 Touch Screen not working

Complete Factory Reset

  1. Power on your iPhone 10
  2. Locate Settings and then choose General
  3. Locate the option named Reset
  4. Choose “Reset All Settings” to carry out a full Factory Reset
  5. Provide your password (should be 4-6 digits long)
  6. After you have typed in your password, the iPhone 10 reset process will commence
  7. Once it’s done, you will be starting afresh on your iPhone 10, and you can swipe to continue

Wipe Phone cache and free up memory on unused apps

Option 1, Delete Apps

  1. Click on Settings, look for General and then select  iPhone Storage
  2. Navigate to any of the options that you wish to delete; Apps, Documents or Items
  3. Click on “Offload App,” and that will ensure that the app is temporarily deleted but the data of the apps will be stored.

Option 2, Go over Large Attachments

  1. Locate Settings on your home screen, click on General and then iPhone Storage
  2. Navigate to Messages and click on it
  3. Choose “Review Large Attachments”
  4. A new page will come up with all the attachments that have been sent to you via text messages. To delete any of the attachments, just swipe to the left on the attachment and tap on Delete

Complete a Hard Reset

It’s vital to let you know that completing a hard reset on your iPhone 10 will wipe off all the documents, files, and contacts that you have on your iPhone 10. This is why it’s always reasonable to back up your iPhone 10 so that you won’t lose important contents. You can back up your files by locating Settings on your home screen and then click on Backup & reset

Once you have done this and you are certain that the backup process was successful, you can then go ahead with the hard reset process by following the steps below

  1. Tap and hold the Apple iPhone 10 sleep/wake key and the Home key at the same time
  2. Ensure you hold it for 8-10 seconds
  3. Your iPhone 10 will go through a process and restarts again
  4. And the home screen will appear

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