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What is the IR Blaster on Your Sony TV?

What is the IR Blaster on Your Sony TV?

We’ve all heard about IR remotes, but what is an IR or infrared Blaster? To put it simply, it’s a device that mimics the features of an IR remote.

You can use an IR Blaster on many devices, including Sony TVs. In fact, if you’ve purchased a Sony TV in recent years, you’ve most likely received the IR Blaster inside the package as an accessory tool.

But what does the IR Blaster do for your Sony TV? In this article, we’re going to cover all the relevant details.

More About IR Blaster and Sony TV

An IR Blaster is a relatively simple and small gadget that you plug into your Sony TV. In the past, the IR Blaster was a device only used to control devices such as DVR or Blue-Ray.

But today, in most cases, we use the IR Blaster to set up the cable or satellite box when installing the Sony TV. It enables you to use your Sony remote to control both the cable box and your TV.

The Sony IR Blaster allows you to search for channels using the Voice Search feature. It also gives you the option to launch the channels directly using the Program Guide.

With the help of this tool, you can browse through other channels without interrupting what you’re currently watching.

Finally, you’ll be able to control the channels on your cable box and access the menu of your cable or satellite box and manage settings.

the IR Blaster on Your Sony TV

How to Connect the IR Blaster to Your Sony TV

In case you’ve been using your Sony TV without setting up the IR Blaster already, you can always go through the settings process later on.

When you connect the cable box to your Sony, all you need to do is access the Settings menu on your TV and follow the steps below.

But before you do, make sure that the manufacturer of your cable or satellite box supports the IR Blaster feature. Most manufacturers do, nowadays, but it’s best to make sure before you start.

  1. Press the “Home” button on your Sony remote and then select “Settings”.
  2. Choose “External Inputs” then “IR Blaster setup” (keep in mind that depending on the model of your TV, the exact path might be slightly different.)
  3. Now, physically connect your cable box and Sony Tv with the IR Blaster. Use the USB port on your Sony TV and place the actual Blaster as close to the remote control sensor of the cable box.
  4. Select the “IR Blaster setup” option from the Sony menu and then find your cable box model from the list of manufacturers.
  5. Then choose the service provider.
  6. Finally, select the input that is used to connect your cable box (HDM 11, HDMI 2, etc.)

Keep in mind that some IR Blaster models won’t use the USB port, but a standard plugin. If your cable box doesn’t support it, you might need to get a different IR Blaster type.

What Is IR Blaster on Your Sony TV

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using IR Blaster

An IR Blaster is a handy little tool, but not everyone is a fan of it. It was undoubtedly created for a more user-friendly viewing experience, that’s why Sony includes it when you buy a new TV.

It allows you to use only one remote instead of two or even more. It also lets you sit still and not have to search for the perfect angle to control the TV or cable box.

An IR Blaster can even be used with your computer and to control certain apps. And finally, in terms of benefits, it doesn’t require any additional power supply. It’s going to get just enough power from the Sony TV it’s plugged into.

On the other hand, the reason why some people dislike using it is because the configuration of IR Blaster can be a bit confusing sometimes.

And some Sony TV users have been complaining that they’ve experienced occasional errors when it comes to controlling the devices with IR Blaster.

An IR Blaster Is There for Your Sony TV

If you get the IR Blaster with your new Sony TV, you’re probably going to end up using it. It might even become a super useful device that you’ll forget is even there.

If you don’t get the IR Blaster with your Sony TV, you can always buy it separately. But always make sure that it’s compatible with your TV and cable box at home.

Do you have and use an IR Blaster? Let us know in the comments section below.

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