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When Will Kingdom Season 2 Be on Netflix?

When Will Kingdom Season 2 Be on Netflix?

The zombie genre has been around for decades now and it shows no signs of stopping despite numerous movies and shows currently on air. Some of these see zombies as your regular horror flick monsters, others as aliens, while some creators have chosen to break out of the slow-moving “I’m-gonna-eat-your-brains” comfort zone and make the zombies and those infected by them run and turn their prey almost instantaneously. Either way, it is evident that, for some reason, the viewers find zombies fun.

It is thus no surprise that they have embraced Kingdom, Netflix’s most recent foray into the zombie genre which traces the emergence of zombies in Joseon-period Korea. With the first season released last winter, viewers are already wondering when they will be able to enjoy the next installment of this critically-acclaimed show.

The Plot

Boasting impressive cinematography, one could hardly say that Kingdom is South Korea’s first brush with the zombie flick culture. In fact, it isn’t even the first South Korean period zombie title released in the past year. However, Kingdom is far from a typical zombie-themed period action picture. It is a TV series about conspiracies, betrayal, love and, naturally, zombies.

As mentioned, the series’ plot is set in the Joseon period Korea, where the Crown Prince Chang finds himself amid a political conspiracy and is thereby forced to run from the capital. Our main character finds out that the man who was in charge of treating Chang’s father, the King, has created a mysterious plague that happens to raise the dead. That’s right, the zombie plague is on the loose, and it’s up to Prince Chang to destroy the dead and unite the people of Korea, thus saving the entire country.

Season 2 Status

The entire season of Kingdom was released on January 25 this year and swept its audiences with an interesting storyline and characters in one hand, and the sheer ominous, looming terror of a zombie apocalypse in the other. Fortunately for the fans, Kingdom was renewed for a new season pretty much as soon as the executives bore witness to its initial success.

Stunningly, the show went over budget, with producers ignoring the financial boundaries. In the end, each episode of the aired season reached an average cost of $1.78 million! Kingdom was originally supposed to be an 8-episode  series, but Netflix has decided to split it into 2 parts, which means more episodes, guts, blood, and gore for the fans.

Season 2 Release Date

The series aired towards the end of January and production on the second season began in February. Despite this, we’re looking at at least 4-6 months until we see Kingdom return, so it’s most likely going to be late fall or early winter in South Korea. Unfortunately, we might have to wait an additional few months until we’re able to bask in the gritty scenes of the series, as it’s added Netflix-style: in full, rather than in weekly installments.

What to Expect in Season 2

We left Prince Chang and friends in shock, having realized that the dead are still very much, well, alive, when the sun is out, so we’ll probably pick up right where we left off. Of course, Seo-Bi and Beom-Pal may have found the cause for the plague (the flower from the Frozen Valley), but with nothing but a small body of water separating the two from the undead, we can expect a miracle to happen in order for them to escape.

With people left to die at the hands and mouths of mindless zombies, Prince Chang is going to have to maneuver between the Horde and Queen Cho’s father, the current leader of the country, who wants Chang dead. Time is running out for the Crown Prince, as the Queen’s plan to steal the first male child born in the capital of Hanyang is exactly what will allow her to place an heir to eliminate Prince Chang as the rightful King.

Season 2 Plot Theories

The bigger the fanbase, the bigger the chances of speculation, but we don’t mind! Here are some popular fan theories.

The Horde Breaks the Defenses

With the five armies under strict orders to kill anyone before letting them pass over the walls, we can expect the numbers of the undead to quickly grow, with every peasant and commoner that isn’t allowed to pass turning into a part of the horde. This might be too much for the army to tackle, so the defenses may well break.

Kingdom Season 2 on Netflix

The Power of the Sun

We spent the entire first season firmly believing that the zombie’s weakness was sunlight. Towards the end of the season, we realize that warm air, not light, is what stops them. The winter was coming and now it is here (yes, that was a blatant GoT reference), and we can expect the days to be increasingly shorter, thus decreasing the window of time when people are safe. Scary stuff!

The Son of the Crown Prince Guard Will Be King

The series has many interesting characters in its roster, but the Guard to the Crown Prince Muyeong is one of the most loveable ones. Loyal and dedicated to the Crown Prince, he is the true hero zombieland Korea needs. We are all well aware that Moo-Young sent his pregnant wife away to keep her safe, but nonetheless, she remains in danger.

Could it be that she will be the first one to give birth to a male child? A male child that the Queen is planning to use as a fake heir? Either way, this means trouble for Moo-Young’s wife.

We Know, We Can’t Wait Either

It’s going to be a long summer (maybe even the entire fall) without Kingdom. Like the first one, the second season will be split into six episodes, each with a 60-minute runtime filled with zombies, kings, queens and princes. Winter can’t come soon enough!

Are you anxiously awaiting the return of Kingdom to Netflix? What do you think will happen in season 2? Share your fan theories in the comments below!

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