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LG G7: How To Clear Search History

LG G7: How To Clear Search History

There are users of the LG G7 that will like to know how they can clear the search history on the device. There are different reasons why you can decide to clear the internet browsing on your LG G7, and I will explain how you can do it below.

How to Clear Google Chrome Search History on LG G7

Most users of the LG G7 prefer using the Google Chrome browser than the pre-installed Android browser on their LG G7. The method to delete the browsing history on your Google Chrome browser is quite similar to that of the Android browser. You just need to click on the same three dot icon and tap on ‘History,’ and now tap on “Clear Browsing Data” option at the bottom of your screen and choose the type of history that you wish to wipe off from the Google Chrome browser. The only difference between the Google Chrome browser and the Android browser I that you can select the sites that you want to remove instead of removing everything completely that can make it look like you are hiding something.

How to Clear Search History on LG G7

It is also simple to clear search history on the default Android browser on your LG G7. You can do this by selecting the three-dot symbol, and a menu will come up, locate the Settings option from the list and then click on it. It will take you to a new page, locate Privacy option, click on it and then tap “Delete Personal Data” which will bring up a list of the history options. You will be provided with multiple options on this page which includes wiping out your browser history, your cache data, cookies and site data, and also your autofill and password information. It’s important to let you know that deleting your autofill and password information option means that you will always need to provide login details for all your favorite sites that you have registered with on your LG G7

After selecting what to delete in the browsing history of your default web browser, the whole process should take a few seconds on your LG G7.

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Feb 22, 2018

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