LG G7: How To Fix Volume Not Working And Audio Problems

Some owners of the new LG G7 have been complaining about the volume not working on their device. They always experience this issue whenever they are receiving or making a call on their LG G7. Most of the time, the audio output is always poor making it difficult to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

Below are some methods below that you can try to use to fix the volume issue on your LG G7. However, if the problem persists after trying these methods, I will advise that you contact your retailer to you’re the device replaced if your LG G7 is still under the warranty plan. The guide below will teach you how to solve the volume problem on your LG G7.

How to Fix LG G7 Audio Not Working

  • Power off your LG G7, remove the SIM card, put it back and restart
  • It’s possible that dirt or dust has been stuck in the microphone which is blocking the sound output. Try to clean up the microphone with compressed air and if the audio is better
  • Your Bluetooth feature is another main cause of interference when trying to make or receive a call. Ensure that your Bluetooth is switched off and then check if that solves the audio problem on your LG G7
  • Another effective way of solving an audio problem on your LG G7 is to wipe the cache partition of your LG G7. If you don’t know how to go about this process and you will like to try it to fix the audio issue on your LG G7, you can make use of this link to learn how to wipe the LG G7 cache
  • The final suggestion is to put your LG G7 into recovery mode and see if that solves the issue

Most of the time, the methods above will greatly help to fix audio issues. These help when trying to make or receive a call on your LG G7.

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