LG G7 Keep Rebooting (Solution)

It’s a good idea for owners of the LG G7 to be able to fix their LG G7 when it keeps rebooting. Some users have complained that sometimes their LG G7 will reboot unexpectedly. If you are experiencing this issue on your LG G7, there are ways to fix the issue and I will explain them in this article.

The most effective option is to contact an LG technician to get your LG G7 replaced or fixed if possible.

If you are certain that your LG G7 is still under warranty and it keeps rebooting itself. Its advisable to contact LG and get your smartphone replaced, this will save you the extra cost of fixing it or getting a new smartphone.  

There are times when this issue can be as a result of a bad app that you just installed on your LG G7. You can also be experiencing unexpected shutdown on your LG G7 because of a faulty battery or bad firmware that is affecting your device. Below I will explain two effective ways of fixing unexpected shutdown on your LG G7.  

The Android Operating System Causes the LG G7 to Keep Restarting

You can be experiencing this issue because of a new firmware update that you just installed on your LG G7. What you can do in a situation like this is to carry out a factory reset process.

However, before you start the process on your LG G7, ensure that all your important files have been moved to a reliable backup drive. This is because the factory reset process will wipe off everything on your LG G7.

An Application is Responsible for the Sudden Reboots

A bad third-party app can also be the cause of this issue. Perhaps you just installed a new app or perhaps an app that you have been using before starts misbehaving; this can affect your device. To fix this, you will need to put your LG G7 in Safe Mode. The work of the Safe Mode is to put your LG G7 in a different mode that will make it easier for you to spot and uninstall the defective app without causing further harm to your device. This makes the Safe Mode option to be effective in fixing the unexpected shutdown issue you are experiencing on your LG G7.

To put your LG G7 in Safe Mode, you will need to first switch off your LG G7, and then press the power on/off button to reboot the smartphone. As soon as you see the LG logo on your device screen, press and hold the volume down key until you see the safe mode logo come up on your LG G7.

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