LG G7 Not Getting iMessages

There are owners of the LG G7 that will be interested in knowing the reason why they are not getting iMessages on their LG G7.  Some would also like to know why they can’t send text messages to their contacts and colleagues using iPhone. These are two different issues, but their solution is quite similar.

The first issue is about not being able to receive text messages on your LG G7 in the form of an iMessage. The reason for this is simple, only iOS smartphones can receive or send an iMessage. And since you are using an Android device, you will not be able to receive iMessage from iOS smartphones. The second issue that users have reported is that the LG G7 cannot send a text message to contacts using smartphones that are not from Apple, like Windows, Android, Blackberry as the messages are sent in the format of an iMessage.

The reason why you are facing this issue on your LG G7 is that you had previously used your SIM card on an iPhone to send iMessages before you transferred the same SIM card to your LG G7. If you have don’t this before and you forgot to deactivate the iMessage feature before removing your SIM card from the iPhone, other iOS device users will make use of the iMessage to text you. You don’t really need to panic because this issue can be fixed easily on your LG G7.

How To Fix LG G7 Not Receiving Text Messages

  1. The first thing you should do is return the SIM card to your iPhone
  2. Ensure that your iPhone is connected to a mobile data network like LTE or 3G.
  3. Locate Settings, click on Message and deactivate iMessage
  4. This will make sure you are getting text messages on the LG G7

It’s possible that you do not have the iPhone with you anymore. Maybe you’ve given it to a friend, spoilt, or you’ve sold it. This makes it impossible for you to switch off the iMessage feature. The only effective method that you use is to visit Deregister iMessage page and switch off iMessage.

As soon as the deregister page comes up, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the option that says “no longer have your iPhone”? Under this option, you will see a box where you can enter your phone number, pick your region and provide your phone number. You can now click on Send code. As soon as you receive the code on your phone, type it in the  “enter confirmation code” and tap on Submit and that’s it! From now on, you will be receiving text messages on your LG G7 from iPhone users.

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