How To Turn ON And OFF Spell Check LG G7

The new LG G7 has a lot of features, and one of the features is the Spell Check. This feature was created to help in fixing typos and other spelling errors that we easily make when typing on our LG G7. Your LG G7 now has a spell check feature that automatically corrects misspelled words that are possible to correct and underlines the ones that it can’t correct in red so that you can go back and correct it. When you tap a word that has been underlined in red, the spell check feature will suggest words that could have meant and you can select the exact word if it’s among the options or corrects it manually. This guide below will make you understand how to switch on the spell check on the LG G7.

How to Switch ON Spell Check on LG G7

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Locate the main menu
  3. Click on Android System settings
  4. Click on Language & input
  5. Search for LG keyboard on the list and select it
  6. Click on Auto Check Spelling

As useful as the spell check feature is, there are some users of the LG G7 that are not really interested or impressed with the feature and they will like to know how they can switch it off.  If you later want to switch off the spell check feature on your LG G7, you just need to return to keyboard settings and alter the autocorrect feature setting by switching it to OFF, and the settings will be back to normal.

Also, the method of using the spell check feature might be different for users that are not using the default LG G7 keyboard. If you are using a different keyboard that you downloaded from Google Play, the method to activate and deactivate the spell check feature might not be the same as the one explained above.

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