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LG V30 Split Screen View And Multi Window Mode

LG V30 Split Screen View And Multi Window Mode

An awesome feature of the LG V30 is its capability to display apps in “Split Screen View” and Multi Window Mode. This enables users to have two apps open and running simultaneously. In order for you to avail of the Split Screen and Multi Window on the LG V30, you need to activate it first in the settings menu.The following instructions will guide you on how to first enable Split Screen View and Multi Window Mode and then how to take advantage of these features on the LG V30.

How to enable Multi Window mode on LG V30

  1. First and foremost, make sure you have the LG V30 turned on.
  2. Next, access to the Settings menu.
  3. Then, go to the Multi window in Device
  4. At the the top right corner of the display, tap Multi window toggle to turn it On.
  5. Finally, choose if you want the content in Multi Window mode by default by ticking the box next to Open in multi window view

When you are finished activating Multi Window Mode and Split Screen View on the LG V30, make sure that you can see a grey semi or half circle on the display. This half circle or semi circle on the LG V30 display indicates that you have activated the feature on the settings and you are all set to begin using the Split Screen Mode.
To get you started on utilizing these features, you have to press the semicircle with your finger to enable multi window to the top. Once you have done this, drag the icons from the menu to the window where you prefer to open in. Another functionality on the LG V30 is that it can resize the window by pressing and holding the circle in the middle of the display and putting it to the new location where you want it to be placed.

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Oct 30, 2017

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