Will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?

Posted by Jamie on March 22, 2019

If you were a fan of NBC’s Midnight Texas you will not have been happy at the news that it was being cancelled. The series created from Charlaine Harris’ novels went down well with supernatural fans but not so well with the general population. That counted against the show and resulted in its inevitable end. But will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?

I think so.

It’s just the kind of thing Netflix would like on its books as it’s a bit different and will appeal to a wider demographic than the usual stuff they have on the service.

Midnight Texas

Midnight Texas was adapted from books by Charlaine Harris who wrote True Blood. It is set in a small town that is a haven for supernaturals of all kinds. A mixture of witches, vampires, psychics, angels and others all call it home and work to keep themselves safe from the outside world and free from interference from other supernaturals.

The series stars François Arnaud as psychic Manfred Bernardo, Parisa Fitz-Henley as witch Fiji Cavanaugh, Peter Mensah as vampire Lemuel Bridger, Sarah Ramos as normal girl Creek Lovell and a selection of others. Each is well cast, lives up to their character and does a convincing job of telling their story.

The seasons unfold as various bad guys, demons, hit men and other nefarious characters come to town to find one of the inhabitants or generally cause trouble. Each storyline required a combination of supernatural abilities to counter and brought the town closer together as a result. All the while, characters are evolving and developing in their own right.

Season 2 sees the town welcome a new hotel that isn’t quite as it seems. With new characters and new enemies, the Midnighters have to sort out their own problems as well as those the town faces. It’s a busy storyline with lots going on and is paced well enough for you to not lose track of what’s happening or get fed up with the speed at which things unfold.

Season one had ten episodes while season 2 had nine. By the end, viewing figures had dwindled to only the hardcore supernatural fans and that wasn’t enough for NBC.

Will there be a Midnight Texas season 3?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation either way that there will ever be a Midnight Texas season 3. NBC’s owners, Universal said they were putting the series out to the market to see who would pick it up but there is no news so far as to who, if anyone, will do that.

It is likely that either Netflix or Amazon Prime will pick up Midnight Texas. Personally, I think it will be Netflix. The characteristics of the TV show suit the general demographic of Netflix and the edgy nature of some of its programming. Amazon Prime does have some more cult shows but Netflix seems to have more and seems content to feature even more as the service matures. I for one, am fine with that.

True Blood did exceptionally well for HBO and is still shown around the world many years later. While Midnight Texas doesn’t quite have the same strength of character and engagement factor, it is still a well-written series with likeable characters and a believable setting. Plus, we all like to watch TV about people with special powers or who battle evil on our behalf. This is exactly that.

There is a real appetite for alternative realities right now. With the real world being like it is and most of us wanting an escape that won’t harm our health, supernatural and apocalyptic TV shows and movies are having a great time of it right now. We have moved on from zombies and disaster epics and are now more interested in more nuanced stories with subtle differences from real life. That’s exactly what Midnight Texas delivers.

I liked Midnight Texas. I thought it was a great way to fill 45 minutes while being entertained and forgetting about the real world for a while. I think lots of other people felt the same way. I also think the falling viewer figures were down to NBC rather than a poor show and I think both Netflix and Amazon could do a much better job. Only time will tell on that one though!

Did you like Midnight Texas? Want it to be picked up for a third season? Think Netflix or Amazon Prime should do it? Tell us your thoughts below!

30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?”

Misty Braga Inman says:
Im sad that there might not be a future for this really great show! i look daily to see if good news of a season 3 is a go. Im a true midnight fan
Lynda says:
I absolutely love Midnight Texas. The show really brings you into the fold and makes you feel like you are right there with the Midnighters. I hope that Netflix or Hulu pick up the show because they can broaden it out and show more of the adult content that Charlene writes into her novels.
Michelle says:
I absolutely love this show I look forward to it every week please Netflix pick up on this
Jennifer Collins says:
I love this show. I really hope it gets picked up by Netflix.
Angie A says:
Hopefully Netflix will pick it up like they did with Lucifer.
Cody landry says:
Me and my wife loved the show really wish it would come back
Terence Ball says:
I hope Netflix picks up midnight Texas, I think it will do well on Netflix.
Nancy says:
Upset NBC cancelled MIDNIGHT TEXAS, NIGHT SHIFT & FOX “SLEEPY HOLLOW”. What can I say, I’m a SCI-FI fan. I need the excitement with all the negativity going on in my island of PUERTO RICO . Thank you for hearing me out
Janet Lanteigne says:
Hope Netflix picks it up. Loved the show. NBC cancels all the good shows so was expecting it.
Terri Dixon says:
For the past fee years it seems like almost every show I had watched religiously from the beginning has been canceled and I hope that Netflix will pick\p Midnight Texas….
Please Netflix Please Pickup Midnight Texas for us fan that lived it so much
Dwight says:
I’ve always been a fan of off the wall scyfy, monster of the week shows. I.E. Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Midnight Texas, etc.. I think there must be something wrong with me. All the shows I like, seem to get canceled . Thank God for Netflix! Maybe Netflix will give new life.
Christina Navarro says:
Same here! I loved all those shows. This sucks.
Phyllis Greene says:
My husband and I looked forward to seeing Midnight Texas every week. Then we noticed the show didn’t come back for the fall season. So I went online to find out that the had been canceled. Later learned that Midnight was coming back June 29th. Well needless to say, NBC decided not to show any part of season 3.
Cheryl Cossu-Kerschus says:
I would love for Netflix pick up Midnight Texas!
Raven says:
Prime should pick it up! They’re always cancelling good shows, Sleepy Hollow being a great series that was cancelled. I like Midnight and would love season 3. I don’t have Netflix though, so I hope Prime take it up.
Heather says:
Please Netflix pick season 3 of midnight Texas up and kick arse with it PLEAAAAASE!
Jill Frost says:
We loved Midnight Texas! We really became involved with the characters. I hope Amazon Prime picks it up…but Netflix would good, too.
Fulvia Di Gregorio says:
I love Midnight, Texas. It is usually the shows with a certain “je ne sais quoi” that gets axed by Networks such as NBC or ABC or CBS. Yes, Netflix should pick it up and it will give me a reason to dump the movie channels and get Netflix.
Bruno says:
Netflix should pick up this serie. See the example of Lucifer? It is a jackpot for audience. If they don’t pick up this show they will miss a great audience.
cathleen dunagan says:
midnight texas great looking men and monsters oh ok and pretty women ok a story too what more can you ask ?
Miriam Thiel says:
Ja bitte bitte Netflix kauft die Serie auf Midnight Texas ist das geilste überhaupt
William says:
Please Netflix pick up Midnight , Texas I just love the show and characters I think it would be a great collection to your collection of series .
Richard F Van Kuren says:
I really liked this show, it would be a perfect addition to Netflix lineup.
Schlichten says:
Ich hoffe das NETFLIX DIE 3.Staffel übernimmt. Es ist ne super Syfy Serie. Habe die 1.Episode geschaut und wollte wissen wie sich alles weiterentwickelt.
Ich muss sagen, das ich nicht damit gerechnet habe, dass ich in eine Neugier verfallen bin und musste es weiterverfolgen.
Aber als ich die letzte Folge der 2.Staffel letzte Woche Donnerstag gesehen habe und ich mich gefreut habe jetzt wieder das offene Ende der 2.Staffel mit Beginn der 3. STAFFEL zu entlüften, musste ich dann heute feststellen, dass es vielleicht keine Fortsetzung gibt.

Deswegen appelliere ich liebes NETFLIX-Team, gebt jenen die Chance die 3.Staffel zu schauen und eventuell diese Serie Fort zu setzen.
Also ich würde mich freuen.

Charlin says:
Pick it up Netflix! So many people love the show.
CeCe says:
So sorry Midnight Texas was cancelled. Love the show and seriously hoping for a Netflix pickup!
Tanya Garcia says:
I loved Midnight my brother, sister and I all got together to watch it. I hope Netflix picks it up. The need something to fill the hole th that Marvel is leaving.
Eric says:
Midnight Texas should come back we got so into it ..hope you bring it back
MTT96 says:
I hope Midnight Texas season 3 and more season…i lkie it
Wycked says:
I am hoping NetFlix picks up the show
Mary pilgrim says:
YES Netflix pick up Midnight Texas! I love this show. These types of shows are the one reason i have Netflix.
Raymond Krise says:
Netflix yes! Great home for Midnight, Texas. Taking MT off-net will make room for more adult content. The CW will strangle this infant in its crib. Commercial breaks RUION potentially-great fantasy programming. CB: dramatic zoom close-up, unbearably loud audio crescendo, then—BREAK. Try to imagine Game Of Thrones with commercials. Netflix fantasy programming has sucked ass (Hemlock Lake? The werewolf v. wizards thing?). MT has an engaging cast and showrunners who have more or less of a clue. Blood it up more, sex it up more, crazy it up more, and it will kill. On Netflix. Plus, it’s not made in fucking India.
Leigh Ann says:
I need to watch midnight Texas. Please Netflix pick it up. Please!

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