Will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?

If you were a fan of NBC’s Midnight Texas you will not have been happy at the news that it was being cancelled. The series created from Charlaine Harris’ novels went down well with supernatural fans but not so well with the general population. That counted against the show and resulted in its inevitable end. But will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?

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I think so.

It’s just the kind of thing Netflix would like on its books as it’s a bit different and will appeal to a wider demographic than the usual stuff they have on the service.

Midnight Texas

Midnight Texas was adapted from books by Charlaine Harris who wrote True Blood. It is set in a small town that is a haven for supernaturals of all kinds. A mixture of witches, vampires, psychics, angels and others all call it home and work to keep themselves safe from the outside world and free from interference from other supernaturals.

The series stars François Arnaud as psychic Manfred Bernardo, Parisa Fitz-Henley as witch Fiji Cavanaugh, Peter Mensah as vampire Lemuel Bridger, Sarah Ramos as normal girl Creek Lovell and a selection of others. Each is well cast, lives up to their character and does a convincing job of telling their story.

The seasons unfold as various bad guys, demons, hit men and other nefarious characters come to town to find one of the inhabitants or generally cause trouble. Each storyline required a combination of supernatural abilities to counter and brought the town closer together as a result. All the while, characters are evolving and developing in their own right.

Season 2 sees the town welcome a new hotel that isn’t quite as it seems. With new characters and new enemies, the Midnighters have to sort out their own problems as well as those the town faces. It’s a busy storyline with lots going on and is paced well enough for you to not lose track of what’s happening or get fed up with the speed at which things unfold.

Season one had ten episodes while season 2 had nine. By the end, viewing figures had dwindled to only the hardcore supernatural fans and that wasn’t enough for NBC.

Will there be a Midnight Texas season 3?

At the time of writing, there is no confirmation either way that there will ever be a Midnight Texas season 3. NBC’s owners, Universal said they were putting the series out to the market to see who would pick it up but there is no news so far as to who, if anyone, will do that.

It is likely that either Netflix or Amazon Prime will pick up Midnight Texas. Personally, I think it will be Netflix. The characteristics of the TV show suit the general demographic of Netflix and the edgy nature of some of its programming. Amazon Prime does have some more cult shows but Netflix seems to have more and seems content to feature even more as the service matures. I for one, am fine with that.

True Blood did exceptionally well for HBO and is still shown around the world many years later. While Midnight Texas doesn’t quite have the same strength of character and engagement factor, it is still a well-written series with likeable characters and a believable setting. Plus, we all like to watch TV about people with special powers or who battle evil on our behalf. This is exactly that.

There is a real appetite for alternative realities right now. With the real world being like it is and most of us wanting an escape that won’t harm our health, supernatural and apocalyptic TV shows and movies are having a great time of it right now. We have moved on from zombies and disaster epics and are now more interested in more nuanced stories with subtle differences from real life. That’s exactly what Midnight Texas delivers.

I liked Midnight Texas. I thought it was a great way to fill 45 minutes while being entertained and forgetting about the real world for a while. I think lots of other people felt the same way. I also think the falling viewer figures were down to NBC rather than a poor show and I think both Netflix and Amazon could do a much better job. Only time will tell on that one though!

Did you like Midnight Texas? Want it to be picked up for a third season? Think Netflix or Amazon Prime should do it? Tell us your thoughts below!

30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime pick up Midnight Texas season 3?”

Avatar Michelle says:
I would love to see Midnight renewed for a 3rd season on Netflix – reminds me of the originals
Avatar Stephen Hardnock says:
I would love to see a season 3. Was very disappointing this was canceled
Avatar Tammy Mckinley says:
I loved this show. I really hope Netflix will pick it up. It certainly deserves more seasons.
Avatar Antje Schultz says:
Great show! Really wish it will be picked up by Netflix! Good story and cool characters.
Avatar Mari says:
Awesome show, it’s sad when you get hooked on an amazing show and they cancel! I dont feel like it was enough marketing for this show because I just found out about this and now I can’t shop watching it. Cancellation of this show was not well thought out, so please return this show and do more marketing because people like me may not have cable TV and we really need something awesome to was on the channel’s we do pay for.
Avatar Susan Burnett says:
Please someone pick up this show.
Avatar Kerry says:
Gutted that it was cancelled, please please please somebody else pick up this awesome show! It’s the right amount of scare that I can watch it alone, it has dry comedy it has heart warming moments it has twists and turns, what more could you want. The cast are well suited to their acting roles and portray everyone perfectly. Don’t let it become dead and buried.
Avatar Kim says:
I thought midnight in Texas was great. Hate to see it go but if it goes to Netflix or prime I rather see it go on prime.
Avatar Brina says:
Also hate to see it go was looking forward to season three. I enjoyed midnight Texas
Avatar Vivien Lees says:
Someone please pick up series three of Midnight Texas, there are not enough programs of this type and genre running on TV at the moment. I really enjoyed series one and two.
Avatar Sharon Greig says:
Im disapointed that it was cancelled. The idea of the socalled good and bad living as a close knit family in one little town was very entertaining and I really hope that it gets picked up by another station and we get to see season 3 start again soon in 2020
Avatar Elisa says:
S.v.p. Netflix il y a tellement de potentiel dans cette série. C’est trop désolant de ne pas avoir de suite. Svp ramener nous nos personnages please
Avatar Stu says:
Come on Netflix you masters of tv pick up midnight texas there counting on you and so are we the fans…
Avatar Janet says:
Netflix please pick up the show!! Loved True Blood and that is one of a kind but Midnight, Texas is great….well worth saving!!
Avatar Mauritta Jennings says:
I love Midnight, Texas. I hope Netflix does pick it up.
Avatar Rhyanon Iredale says:
Excellent show and sooo worth many more seasons! Plz pick it up!!!
Avatar Michelle Jackson says:
Huge fan of Charlaine Harris, True Blood was my favourite show ever and this is shaping up to fill the void left when true blood ended. Please Netflix. pick up this show it has huge potential.
Avatar Debi Alderman says:
My family and friends absolutely love Midnight Texas. The story was unique and the characters were amazing!! I really hope that someone picks it up. Please! Please! Please!
Avatar Mike falconer says:
True blood was a favourite of mine, and when I watched midnight I was hooked straight away, Just finished season 2 absolutely loved it, hope somebody picks it up.
Avatar Nicole Silvano says:
Love the show!! Hope it gets picked up. I feel like these networks are forgetting that streaming is increasingly the more popular option for ppl these days.
Avatar Rita Walzak says:
Love the show. Hope it gets picked up.
Avatar bill phillips says:
i hope netflix picks it up that is the reason i subscribe to their service
Avatar Charlotte Lott says:
I was looking forward to see season 3 of Midnight Texas.. I sure hope Netflix will pick it up…
Avatar Ange says:
I’ve just come across this series. I watched all season 1 over the weekend and now nearly finished season 2. I am really hoping Netflix do a season 3. Even my partner has started to watch it.
Avatar Sara says:
I loved the show and was enjoying getting to know the Midnighters. I hope Netflix pick it up for another season. It’s really disappointing when one of you favourite shows is cancelled
Avatar Shannon says:
Midnight Texas is a very good show. There are not too many shows that can keep my interest but Midnight has. I can not wait to see what becomes of the relationships. Especially Bobo’s and Figi’s. I can only imagine how that great of love is deadly.
Avatar Hannah says:
I want Netflix to pick it up because I just got done watching Season 2 and now I’m begging for more Midnight, Texas
Avatar lyne bashaw says:
i really hope Netflix picks up midnight in texatexasn makes a season 3 its a great show an would give me a reason to keep my Netflix active
Avatar Anna missoff says:
Yes please!!!
Avatar Kate Speed says:
DON’T CANCEL IT PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my husband won’t watch it so it is a great way for to get an hour of tv to myself lol so once again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON’T CANCEL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar John Alex Owens says:
I hope it gets a third season hopefully they can finish it.I love the first and second season so I hope it continues.
Avatar Jacqui says:
I really hope Midnight gets picked up by Netflix. Love the show and get fed up of all the good shows getting axed after a couple of seasons. Waiting with baited breath for season 3
Avatar Brenda Horn says:
PLEASE someone pick up Midnight,Tx.! We loves this show and there are so many great shows that get cancelled only after 1 or 2 seasons. They don’t really even have much of a chance anymore.
Also, just add to my comment everything that the above article said because I agree 100%.
Avatar Christina Pullen says:
Love, love ,love Midnight, Texas. Please netflix pick up this great show.
Avatar Andrea says:
My mom and I love midnight Texas please someone pick it up.
Avatar Amy says:
We have just found this series and absolutely love it! I can’t believe that it has been cancelled. We are really hoping that it is picked up by Prime or Netflix so that we can continue to watch it!
Avatar Misty Braga Inman says:
Im sad that there might not be a future for this really great show! i look daily to see if good news of a season 3 is a go. Im a true midnight fan

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